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No Daily Fantasy Baseball tool is as helpful as Twitter, since our games have such short shelf lives (one day!). So you need the fastest, most up-to-date information possible.

When someone’s out of the lineup, you need a network of people talking about it, so you can make changes in your lineups quickly!

On, I made a list a couple years ago for the top 99 Fantasy Baseball Twitter Accounts, but most of them are for traditional Fantasy fare.

While there are a few of them that talk Daily, and many of their tweets affect the Daily game as much as the standard game, I thought it would be better to list out the top 35 or so of the best Daily Fantasy Baseball Twitter accounts – and let it grow from there.

(If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter, read this piece by Brien Bonneville on He explains how to use Twitter to make your Fantasy Baseball teams better. It’s an awesome tool – and Daily Fantasy players MUST use it. Give Brien a follow for making that article!)

Top Daily Fantasy Baseball Twitter Accounts

As I mentioned, this list of Tweeters will be ever expanding. If you find your favorite person isn’t on here, then feel free to add him yourself in the comments section below. We want people that regularly discuss DAILY Fantasy Baseball, not just baseball or standard Fantasy Baseball.

@SoCalledFanEx – This is for this site, where we’ll be tweeting articles, news and DFS tips over course of the season.

5 “So-Called Fantasy Experts” That Write Daily Fantasy Baseball

@DavidGonos – This is my regular Twitter account that I talk about traditional Fantasy, as well as Daily Fantasy. My other Daily Fantasy Baseball friends will tweet me here, and most of our conversations will happen here. I also send out my Draft Day Rapid Fire picks on this account nearly every day. I promise you will get a tweet about a funny poop story here.

@RotoDaddy — Doug Anderson used to work with me over at and at Now he’s writing for FNTSY Sports Network!

@FantsyChillPony — You know Chris Meyers from the “Slugging for Jude” leagues, and now you’ll know him for his great Daily Fantasy picks on Sunday mornings!

@BriggsGraham — Graham Briggs is one of our Daily Fantasy Baseball experts, and he’ll be sharing his picks every Thursday morning.

@TheLeviSerf — Levi Serfoss will be sharing his Daily Fantasy Baseball picks every Monday morning.

11 Pure DFS Twittererers

One thing you’ll notice right off the bat is that Daily Fantasy Baseball writers talk differently than traditional Fantasy Baseball writers. They look for value from different spots than traditional guys do, and they’re are many different strategies and tactics to consider in daily play.

@DFSLinks – They tweet out links to all Daily Fantasy Baseball articles — including this one!

@BalesFootball — Despite the football name, Jonathan Bales wrote the book, “Fantasy Baseball For Smart People.”

@DailyRoto — Great site that has paired up with as their Daily Fantasy content providers.

@DrewDinkmeyer – Considered one of the best Daily Fantasy Baseball players around, and regularly shares advice on RotoExperts. His ID on the Daily Fantasy sites is: Dinkpiece. In spite of that, you should follow him.

@NaturalSlugger – Ben Pritchett writes for, and he covers both baseball and college football, along with some other sports.

@InsidersDFS – By the way, you should go ahead and follow these guys, as well, since this is the Twitter account for They post Daily Fantasy content regularly, and they touch on several different sites.

@BaseballATeam – Brad Johnson writes “The Daily Grind” for FanGraphs, which specifically deals with the FanDuel beat, but he does offer tips for daily and seasonal play.

@RotoGrinders – Generally considered the most popular Daily Fantasy Sports content site out there, RG is leading the way for the rest of us.

@AlZeidenfeld — He’s a DraftKings Pro, he’s on commercials and he founded

@reUPsports – This one is a weird one, and I hope the worst hasn’t happened. Last June, Matt posted on his site,, that he’s taking a short hiatus to deal with some health issues. He hasn’t posted on his site, on his site’s Facebook page or on his Twiitter page since. But – he has some of the best strategy pieces out there, and I really hope he’s just OK.

@SocrDave – David Kitchen is one of the co-founders of

3 Daily Fantasy Baseball Friends

These first few accounts are guys I’ve gone back and forth with on Twitter about some Daily Fantasy games, like Draft Day’s Rapid Fire game. We always share our picks nearly every day. I might play five times a week, but on my off days, these guys are talking about it.

@EricMackFantasy – Emack is also a lead Fantasy Writer at Bleacher Report, after a few years at We were the two Senior Fantasy Baseball Writers at back in the 2000s, and we participate in Tout Wars together every season. I make fun of him regularly – but not for baseball stuff. He’s good.

@DanStrafford – He’s now co-hosting “The Fantasy Black Book” on SiriusXM and “The FantasyInsiders Pod” baseball show. He has already posted well over 10,000 tweets.

@CoachEsser – Coach is a Fantasy Sports writer and Fantasy Football podcast host, but he joins us in our Rapid Fire discussions and other Daily Fantasy Baseball conversations.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Twitter Accounts to Follow

29 Daily Fantasy Baseball Tweeps to Check Out

@TheTonyCincotta – One of the best! Also a great host on SiriusXM — do not judge him by his friends, like Nando!

@AllinKid – Jake Ciely always does well in the Daily Fantasy Expert Challenges, in both baseball and football. He’s great — just ask him!

@InsiderFantasy1 – Chris Kay writes for and, and he hosts a weekly #DFS YouTube show called #LuTV.

@BenBoult – Involved member of’s forums, which you should check out for Daily Fantasy Baseball info, and he helped me find some of these Twitter accounts to follow (whether he knows it or not).

@ThePME – Patrick Mayo writes for and handles a Daily Fantasy video. This guy cracks me up, and I find him highly entertaining.

@FantasyRath – I used to work with both Mayo and this guy, Michael Rathburn at RotoExperts, then Rathburn moved on to and now he’s a Daily Fantasy Expert for He has been in the Daily Fantasy Baseball industry longer than most, that’s for sure. He also does radio spots on SiriusXM, and has tons of strategy tips. He writes Fantasy advice for DraftKings and FanDuel.

@MikeGianella – Writes for a few sites, including Baseball Prospectus and Yeah, he has over 50,000 tweets. Strangely, he doesn’t have email. (Just kidding.)

@JasonCollette – Another RotoWire writer,  he also writes for FanGraphs and he’s a fellow Tampa Bay Rays fan. Meet the 2013 Fantasy Baseball Write of the Year.

@theFakeBaseball – Ray Guilfoyle joined us in the Tout Wars Mixed league this season, and they like to post Daily Fantasy content on their site. Good stuff!

@BaseballGuys – Ray Flowers is one of the most prolific tweeters, and he has really blown up in recent years. He co-hosts a couple shows on SiriusXM, and he now writes for (100,000 tweets!)

@InjuryExpert – Will Carroll was talking sports injuries way before Stephania Bell came on the scene, and now he writes for Bleacher Report, along with Emack. He has over 112,000 tweets and 33,000 followers!

@ProjectRoto – This guy is not only a prolific tweeter (85,000 tweets!), about both standard and Daily Fantasy, but he’s also just a genuinely good fella! He definitely engages with readers and his fellow Twitterererers.

@BaseballProf – I’ve become a big fan of Bryan Curley in recent months, ever since he wrote a piece for our Fantasy Baseball 30-for-30 MLB Team Previews on He’s a great stats guy and looks at things differently.

@SultanofStat – Tristan Cockcroft mentored me in my first year with, and he’s just one of the best people in the industry, as well as a Fantasy Sports Writer Hall of Fame member.

@EnoSarris – One of my favorite writers at FanGraphs, and a great craft beer connoisseur.

@MatthewBerryTMR – Another HOFer, Berry is the face of all Fantasy sports, and you probably already follow him (he has over a half million followers). I believe he still deals with DraftStreet, also.

@SchwartzStops – A fellow Tout Wars Mixed champion, Cory Schwartz works for and he loves him some baseball tweetin’!

@Fantasy411 – Another great account to follow, as Schwartz’s cohort, Mike Siano, answers Fantasy Baseball questions over there.

@Jeff_Mans – Nutty host of the Fantasy Alarm show on SiriusXM radio each weeknight. This guy cracks me up and he runs a great site/great app at

@Chet_G – While he writes for, he also blogs over at on their site.

@WHUDEY – Just follow him. He talks Fantasy Sports and he has boobies as his profile pic!

@AdamRonis – One of the best hosts on the SiriusXM Fantasy channel, and he works well with –

@ScottERotoEx – Engel is another HOFer, and he’s another of my mentors in the early days at

@DanielEDobish – Another fellow CBS vet and RotoExperts writer, Dobish writes the “Daily Dish” column on Daily Fantasy Sports.

@DerekCarty – Does a great job at digging deep into the scoring setups of all the Daily Fantasy Baseball sites.

@ToddZola – Taught me a bunch reading his articles at and

@FoxSportsMeyer — Adam Meyer writes the “The Daily” for this season.

@MikeNewmanRS — Thanks to Chris Meyers for pointing this one out to me. Newman runs and he does daily articles on — Daily Fantasy.

@BrianGramling — Gramling writes the ESPN Daily Notes column several times a week.

9 Twitter Accounts for Daily Fantasy Sites

Follow these accounts for special announcements, tournaments, blogs and other site-related stuff.

@DraftDay – For

@DraftKings – For

@SportsTradex – For

@FantasyFeud – For

@FantasyAces – For

@FanDuel – For

@StatClash – For

@SFLeagues – For

@PlayVictiv — For

Let us know if we missed some great Daily Fantasy Baseball Twitter accounts to follow in the comments below – or tweet them at me!

Photo Credit: Antonio Vernon

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