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Well, this is it. One last Hoo Rah! That is unless you want to play the Pro-Bowl- Super Bowl slate. Which to be perfectly honest, this slate has just about the same appeal.

We are going to switch things up a little bit in this issue. We will not be looking at the guys who are safe. We are going to be looking at the guy who will be low owned and that will help put you over the top.

I also want to suggest you stay off of 50/50’s and head to head games. There really may not be much variance. That’s not to say not to play them, but why not go for the gusto?

Finally, I would recommend rolling out multiple lineups with a quarterback from each game. I know it’s not something you may be used to doing, but you may be able to hit a stack that goes off. In tournaments, I like to stack a quarterback, a running back and either two receivers or one receiver and tight end. The Patriots are ideal for that this week. (Save for that running back positions)

Ok, so here we go!

Daily Fantasy Football: DraftKings Picks Conference Championship


Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos vs. New England Brady’s ($5,500)

Remember we are only going to be looking at guys that will be low owned to help you differentiate this week. If you are only doing a few tournament lineups, I’d put Pey Pey in at least one. This game could be ugly and perhaps the Broncos are in catch-up mode. Out of the four quarterbacks playing, I suspect Manning will be the least popular. The flip side of this is that Tom Brady will be the most popular.


Running Back

New England Patriots Backs

If you want a dice roll why not look at the Patriots backfield. On a two game slate leave no stone unturned, that includes dart throws of James White ($4,600) and Steven Jackson ($3,000). Neither one of these guys did much last week against Kansas City last week as they didn’t have to. If I’m going with one it’s going to be White because of his ability to catch out of the backfield. All that being said, he had a whopping 2 catches last week.

Wide Receiver

Danny Amendola, New England Patriots at Denver Broncos ($4,400)


I’m going to stack Danny Amendola with Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski and the reason is, I don’t trust Brandon LaFell and neither does the Hoodie (Bill Belichick). If you are stacking Cardinals receivers, Amendola has the salary relief you need and the upside you covet. While Edelman and Gronk demand the attention it’s going to be Amendola who gets open. I also like Keshawn Martin ($2,600) for the same reasons.

Devin Funchess, Carolina Panthers vs. Arizona Cardinals ($3,200)

I honestly believe if you are taking the safe picks, (Edelman, Gronk, Floyd, Fitzgerald) you are going to need a Panthers receiver to help you win a tournament. I believe that man is Funchess. It’s hard to imagine Patrick Peterson not covering anyone but Ginn or maybe they even throw him on Greg Olsen. This should open up things for Funchess. Remember he did have 7 for 120 in week 17.

Tight End

I’m not really going to get into it. It’s either Gronk or Greg Olsen. That is why we are looking to find the Devin Funchi of the world.



Once again, I would like to fill this spot with whatever you salary will allow. It may be worth stacking Greg Olsen and Rob Gronkowski in the same lineup just to have something different. A third running back is an option here as well. Once again. This week is about getting the low owned guy right.



New England Patriots ($3,100)

I like the Patriots the most just because I don’t think Peyton can zip the ball like he once used to. It’s really too bad as this Manning vs. Brady matchup may be an ugly one. If I were to rank the defenses I would go, Patriots, Cardinals, Panthers, and Broncos.


I generally don’t like to give out my lineups but this week since there are so few teams, I will give you two:

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.14.37 PM

That wraps up my Daily Fantasy Football: DraftKings Picks Conference Championship.

As always, if I did well please follow me on Twitter. If I did not do well my name is Matthew Berry.

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