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It took 17 weeks, but we finally hit the big one on Sunday. With the exception of Blake Bortles (who you probably didn’t use anyways) Odell Beckham Jr. and Brice Butler we absolutely crushed every pick.

Now that the field has been reduced significantly, we have to get creative on our not so obvious picks. Creative, not stupid.

This week is also no different than any other as far as targeting high game totals. The two highest totals are Green Bay at Washington and Pittsburgh at Cincinnati.

If we are going to take down any tournaments we have to be a hipster. So this week I’ll have some not-so-obvious picks in addition to some obvious picks. Keep in mind pricing is tight, so rolling out a full Steelers stack will cripple you.

The weather outside is frightful. As of 1/9/16, I’m officially off of the Seahawks, no matter how good the offense has looked. Anyways I’ll update below.

Ok, so here Weego with my playoff picks.


Daily Fantasy Football: DraftKings Picks Playoff Edition


Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans ($5,300)

That’s right boys and girls, I’m recommending Checkdown Charlie. Now, I don’t think the Chiefs actually win this game, but I do think Smith will be low-owned and he has been scrambling a lot more. We like quarterbacks who throw and use their legs. Now, I’m not expecting huge totals but if throws for 200 and two touchdowns. I’ll live with that, provided he get’s 60 with his legs. Tournament only! Don’t get cute in cash.

Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals (7,200)

In the two games against Cincinnati, he has thrown one, yeah, one touchdown. I’m not entirely sure he is as obvious as it would appear to be, but I expect high ownership and in head-to-heads he may be worth the block against your opponent. I will roll out one lineup with him in it, but I think he may be better served as a fade for tournaments.


Running Back (not any better in the playoffs)

Fitzgerald Toussaint, Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals ($3,900)

Who? Why, it’s the backup to DeAngelo Williams. This pick hinges on the status of Williams, but if Williams doesn’t go it’s going to be Toussaint. He is cheap and will free up some much-needed cap space. Once again, only play if Williams doesn’t go.

Jeremy Hill, Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers ($5,000)

Well, Jeremy Hill has finally been getting the workload I thought he would be getting since Week 1. Hill is going to be a product of game flow and if the Bengals get down, you can guarantee Hill is coming out.  However, he more than likely will get the goal-line work and for that, we like our odds for at least one, if not two touchdowns.


Wide Receiver

Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns ($9,600) (Does it matter?)

A $300 price increase from last week. Who cares? Brown is averaging 29.6 Fantasy points per game over his last four and while Cincinnati defends Brown well, I can’t see a good reason to fade him in cash games. In tournaments, however, it may be worth it. In the two games against Cincinnati, he scored 16.7 and 15.7 respectively. If you are paying this price, these numbers are unacceptable.

(Was Doug Baldwin) Jeremy Maclin, Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans ($6,400)

Scoring in his last 3 out 4 games and averaging 5.25 catches a game in that time frame is Jeremy Maclin. Look we have no weather concerns in Houston and while this game isn’t the highest total on the board it certainly is higher than Minnesota and Seattle. I’m stacking him with Alex Smith in tournaments.

(Was Tyler Lockett) Pierre Garcon, Washington Redskins vs. Green Bay Packers (4,200)

At only $4,200 big ones Garcon comes in as a nice discount. While Garcon may be more tournament friendly, I like him over Jackson as he isn’t reliant on the deep ball. Remember, we are getting a full point per reception here at DraftKings. Garcon has scored in 3 straight.


Tight End

Jordan Reed,  Washington Redskins vs. Green Bay Packers ($6,300)

It’s hard to ignore what Jordan Reed has done in the second half of the season. He has easily been the best tight end down the stretch. You will pay a lot for him, but I still feel you will need him in cash games to block your opponent. I don’t have a problem with Tyler Eifert in this spot if you can’t fit Reed in, but that may be a mistake. Eifert makes for a great tournament play as Reed will be more popular than your ex-girlfriend at a frat party.



James Jones, Green Bay Packers vs. Washington Redskins ($4,100)

I do not like rostering any Packers but it’s hard to ignore James Jones. He seems to be the only guy Aaron Rodgers can trust these days and the Packers are going to have to throw the ball. Do you really trust Eddie Lazy? I don’t and neither should you.



Seattle Seahawks ($4,100) (Nothing Changes Here. I actually like them more)

Yes, that’s right, more Seahawk love. Hear me out on this. If and when the Vikings  get behind and they can no longer rely on Adrian Peterson, Teddy-Two Gloves is going to have to throw the ball, which he does not do well. When this happens expect the ‘Hawks to prey on the weak. Pair with Tyler Lockett for an added bonus.

That wraps up my Daily Fantasy Football: DraftKings Picks Playoff Edition.

As always, if I did well please follow me on Twitter. If I did not do well my name is Matthew Berry.

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