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The slate for tonight has nine games, which seems smaller than normal. Either way, I am back and hopefully ready to help you all with some Daily Fantasy NBA Picks and Lineups. Between focusing on Fantasy Baseball content and league setup I haven’t been able to play much DFS this week.

Needless to say the itch to return has been strong, and I am hoping my break doesn’t interrupt my relative hot-streak I had going last week.

If it continues we should be in good shape to cash with these picks and lineups. I feelc onfident tonight, so let’s go get that cash!

I am writing this early this morning, so needless to say plenty can and will change throughout the day and closer to tip-off. Stay tuned for updates on Twitter, and if things change early enough I will try to update this post too. This is an outline of sorts, and to truly succeeed in DFS you need to be on top of lineups, matchups, and comfortable swapping players at the last minute if need be.

With that said I will get off my soap box and we can get to the good stuff! Let’s win some money tonight.

Daily Fantasy NBA: Picks and Lineups 1-29-16

Remember a Starting DFS Lineup on Fanduel must be built using $50,000 and consists of 2-Point Guards, 2- Shooting Guards, 2- Small Forward, 2-Power Forwards, and 1-Center

Scoring: 3 point shot= 3 pts; 2 point shot= 2 pts; Free Throws= 1 pt; Rebounds= 1.2 pts; Assists= 1.5 pts; Blocks= 2 pts; Steals= 2 pts; Turnovers= -1 pt

Remember a Starting DFS Lineup on DraftKings must be built using $50,000 and consists of 1-Point Guard, 1- Shooting Guards, 1- Small Forward, 1-Power Forwards, 1-Center, 1- Guard, 1- Forward and 1- Utility

Scoring: Point= 1 point; 3 point= +0.5 point; Rebound= 1.25 points; Assist= 1.5 points; Steal= 2 points; Block= 2 points; Turnover= -0.5 points; Double-Double= 1.5 points (1 time per player); Triple-Double= 3 points (1 time per player)


Point Guard

Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City vs Houston ($10,800 on DraftKings and $10,800 on FanDuel )

Westbrook is elite every single night. He also is expensive every single night. Houston has actually performed very well defensively against the point this season, but this the best in the game, or one of the best and Houston’s Fantasy points allowed has jumped by six over their last 10 games. Spend big and feel confident doing it tonight.


Shooting Guard

J.J. Redick, Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers ($5,300 on DraftKings and $5,000 on FanDuel )

Redick is affordable and should be in an ideal matchup tonight. The Lakers are the fifth worst defensive team and they have only gotten worse over their last ten games. Redick isn’t a superstar, but he is great value play tonight. If you spend up on other positions I would definitely consider using Redick.


Small Forward

Derrick Williams, New York  vs Phoenix ($5,700 on DraftKings and $4,900 on FanDuel )

Note: Williams only qualifies as a Small Forward on Draft Kings. He is a Power Forward on FanDuel.

Another weak defense vs position team against an affordable and hot player. I love Williams tonight. Over Williams’ last ten he is averaging 28.9 FPPG and a 42 point performance on Tuesday night. If he puts up his average points lately he should be worth it. Let’s secretly hope Carmelo doesn’t play tonight!

Power Forward

Serge Ibaka, Oklahoma City vs Houston ($ on DraftKings and $5,800 on FanDuel )

The worst team when facing Power Forwards with a player on a potent offense. Yeah, I will be targeting big Serge tonight for sure. If I can tandem he and Williams on FanDuel it will be affordable with a side of risk. I am willing to do it though. Matchup is simply too good. His numbers have been across the board so far this year but tonight should equal meeting value.


Nikola Vucevic, Orlando Magic @ Boston Celtics ($7,600 on DraftKings and $7,800 on FanDuel )

Vucevic has all but been a lock for 33 plus FPPG this season and tonight should be no exception. Since I am typically spending down at the forward positions tonight I will play Vucevic with confidence.


The Lineup(s) (I would play these in some GPP Games as well)


Daily Fantasy NBA



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