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Last week was our first week of providing NBA Picks and Lineups, and it went rather well so let’s continue with my Daily Fantasy NBA: Picks and Lineups for 11-11-15. Although the lineups did not cash in too many GPP contests, it should have in a majority of Cash games. Let’s keep the streak alive this week and start with today!

Each week I will be listing players at each position I am targeting and likely using in many lineups. I will also be sharing my actual lineup(s), perhaps not all of them, but at least one for each major site.

So far this season I have been using the same lineups in both cash games and tournaments.

This is not meant to be a use all of my picks to win type of post as much as naming some players I am targeting each day, using two or three of them and building around them. If I could use everyone I wanted to at all times it would be too easy right?

If you are new to the game have fun, don’t go overboard, and hopefully we will win some moolah together this season.

Wednesday 11-11-15 DFS NBA Targets

Remember a Starting DFS Lineup on Fanduel must be built using $50,000 and consists of 2-Point Guards, 2- Shooting Guards, 2- Small Forward, 2-Power Forwards, and 1-Center

Scoring: 3 point shot= 3 pts; 2 point shot= 2 pts; Free Throws= 1 pt; Rebounds= 1.2 pts; Assists= 1.5 pts; Blocks= 2 pts; Steals= 2 pts; Turnovers= -1 pt

Remember a Starting DFS Lineup on DraftKings must be built using $50,000 and consists of 1-Point Guard, 1- Shooting Guards, 1- Small Forward, 1-Power Forwards, 1-Center, 1- Guard, 1- Forward and 1- Utility

Scoring: Point= 1 point; 3 point= +0.5 point; Rebound= 1.25 points; Assist= 1.5 points; Steal= 2 points; Block= 2 points; Turnover= -0.5 points; Double-Double= 1.5 points (1 time per player); Triple-Double= 3 points (1 time per player)

Point Guard

Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors @ Memphis Grizzlies ($10,500 on DraftKings and $10,700 on FanDuel )

If you can afford Curry he should be in your lineups in cash games. It is hard to match his production at the position  each and every night. He will cost you mightily though. Tonight I may be looking elsewhere.

(Averaging 50.1 FanDuel PPG and 54.5 DraftKings PPG)

Reggie Jackson, Detroit Pistons @ Sacramento Kings ($7,300 on DraftKings and $8,200 on FanDuel)

I love this matchup for Reggie Jackson tonight. He is also posting consistently solid numbers and tonight he should be able to meet his value, if not exceed it.

(Averaging 35.21 FanDuel PPG and 38.3 DraftKings PPG)

Shooting Guards

James Harden, Houston Rockets vs Brooklyn Nets ($10,100 on FanDuel and $10,100 on DraftKings)

Harden is a horse, and like Curry is another player you should ever feel bad placing in your lineup. Averaging 45 points is worth spending up for and I am doing so tonight.

(Averaging 45.46 FanDuel PPG and 49.8 DraftKings PPG)

DeMar DeRozan ($7,600 on FanDuel and $7,200 on DraftKings)

DeRozan is another of my personal favorite plays along with Eric Bledsoe each night I can. They are consistent and averaging close to 35 points a game. Significantly cheaper than players like Harden make him even more appealing.

(Averaging 33.38 FanDuel PPG and 35 DraftKings PPG)

Small Forward

Giannis Antetokounmpo (Shooting Guard on FanDuel), Milwaukee Bucks @ Denver Nuggets($7,000 on FanDuel and $7,400 on Draft Kings)

Giannis will make all my lineups tonight because I love the matchup in Denver and his price along with averaging 30 plus points make hima nice partner to a higher end play.

(Averaging 30.84 FanDuel PPG and 33 DraftKings PPG)

James Johnson, Toronto Raptors @ Philadelphia 76ers ($3,600 on FanDuel and $3,100 on DraftKings)

Here is my value pick for the night. You need to save money somewhere and this is a solid matchup for Johnson who can produce if given the minutes.

(Averaging 8.24 FanDuel PPG and 9 DraftKings PPG)

Power Forward

Zach Randolph, Memphis Grizzlies vs Golden State Warriors ($7,100 on FanDuel and $6,100 on DraftKings)

Randolph’s name may mean more than his numbers this season but he is affordable and could surprise owners tonight. I am plugging him in many of my lineups tonight because I like his matchup.

(Averaging 26.84 FanDuel PPG and 28.8 DraftKings PPG)

Greg Monroe (Power Forward on Draft Kings), Milwaukee Bucks @ Denver Nuggets ($8,200 on FanDuel and $8,300 on Draft Kings)

Monroe is a must start in my eyes tonight and every night at this point. In fact if you can squeeze he and Drummond in a lineup? Wowza!

(Averaging 37.5 FanDuel PPG and 39.5 DraftKings PPG)


Andre Drummond, Detroit Pistons @ Sacramento Kings($9,900 on FanDuel and $9,400 on DraftKings)

I will try and play Drummond everywhere I can tonight. It may not be an option everywhere, but if Drummond is out and Monroe is available (On FanDuel) I am jumping there instead. Drummond has been a beast and the ebst center in the game so far this season. Play with confidence.

(Averaging 49.2 FanDuel PPG and 52.9 DraftKings PPG)

The Lineup(s)

(I would play these in some GPP Games as well)







Photo Credit: Keith Allison

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