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Welcome to the first of many more Daily Fantasy NBA Picks And Lineups posts.

I will start off by saying I have been doing well in cash games for NBA, and although I don’t consider the NBA my favorite sport, nor can I pretend to be an expert on the sport, I can try to help. If I can continually build winning lineups I may as well share my luck and see if I can help you too.

Daily NBA is great because it is truly daily, well almost. It is also relatively stable and consistent. Players will stay close to their averages on most nights making the likelihood of terrible games, or explosive outputs less frequent. This makes it a great bankroll building sport.

Each week I will be listing players at each position I am targetting and likely using in many lineups. I will also be sharing my actual lineup(s), perhaps not all of them, but at least one for each major site. So far this season I have been using the same lineups in both cash games and tournaments.

If you are new to the game have fun, don’t go overboard, and hopefully we will win some moolah together this season.

Wednesday 11-4-15 DFS NBA Targets

Remember a Starting DFS Lineup on Fanduel must be built using $50,000 and consists of 2-Point Guards, 2- Shooting Guards, 2- Small Forward, 2-Power Forwards, and 1-Center

Scoring: 3 point shot= 3 pts; 2 point shot= 2 pts; Free Throws= 1 pt; Rebounds= 1.2 pts; Assists= 1.5 pts; Blocks= 2 pts; Steals= 2 pts; Turnovers= -1 pt

Remember a Starting DFS Lineup on DraftKings must be built using $50,000 and consists of 1-Point Guard, 1- Shooting Guards, 1- Small Forward, 1-Power Forwards, 1-Center, 1- Guard, 1- Forward and 1- Utility

Scoring: Point= 1 point; 3 point= +0.5 point; Rebound= 1.25 points; Assist= 1.5 points; Steal= 2 points; Block= 2 points; Turnover= -0.5 points; Double-Double= 1.5 points (1 time per player); Triple-Double= 3 points (1 time per player)

Point Guard

Eric Bledsoe, Phoenix Suns vs Sacramento Kings ($7,700 on DraftKings and $7,900 on FanDuel )

Bledsoe qualifies as a shooting guard only on DraftKings but he holds tremendous value on both sites. He is just outside of the elite levels each night at the position and costs significantly less as well. At least for now.

(Averaging 35.9  FanDuel PPG and 37.7 DraftKings PPG)

Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Clippers ($10,100 on DraftKings and $10,800 on FanDuel)

Curry has epitomized fire to start the season and is a scoring and field goal percentage machine. If you can get him in your lineups he will make it worth your while and today is one of those days. He faces a formiddable opponent in Chris Paul, but with Curry who guards him typically doesn’t matter too much. He will get his production.

(Averaging 55.88 FanDuel PPG and 59.8 DraftKings PPG)


Shooting Guards

DeMar DeRozan, Toronto Raptors @ Oklahoma City Thunder ($7,400 on DraftKings and $8,000 on FanDuel)

DeRozan goes up against the Thunder and Dion Waiters tonight. DeRozan is another player similair to Bledsoe who produces routinely and costs significantly less than some of the elite options. I will be using him if I opt to go pricey at the Point Guard position tonight.

(Averaging 33.6 FanDuel PPG and 35.3 DraftKings PPG)

Marcus Thornton, Houston Rockets vs Orlando Magic ($3,500 on DraftKings and $3,900)

Thornton is a value play tonight and when he plays he is productive. That is the key. When the minutes played may not matter as much, but his production can exceed the cost it helps fill a spot and allows you to spend up on other positions as needed.

(Averaging 23.65 FanDuel PPG and 26.4 DraftKings PPG)


Small Forward

Evan Fournier, Orlando Magic vs Houston Rockets ($4,400 on DraftKings and $4,500 on FanDuel )

Fournier is my play on Draft Kings tonight again because of value. He does not qualify as a small forward on FanDuel so I won’t be playing him in as many lineups.

(Averaging 29.45 FanDuel PPG and 31.4 DraftKings PPG)

Jae Crowder, Boston Celtics @ Indiana Pacers ($4,700 on FanDuel and $4,500 on Draft Kings)

Another cheap but servicable option at small forward. Crowder is cheap but effective and one of my favorite plays each night he plays averaging over 22 points a game so far.

(Averaging 22.6 FanDuel PPG and 24.8 DraftKings PPG)

Power Forward

Greg Monroe, Milwaukee Bucks vs Philadelphia 76ers ($8,100 on DraftKings and $8,200 on FanDuel)

Monroe qualifies as a PF on Draft Kings which is great while playing as a center on FanDuel. He is coming off of a 13 rebound, 23 point performance on Monday night and should come close to mirroring that performance tonight at home.

(Averaging 40.52 FanDuel PPG and 42.5 DraftKings PPG)

LaMarcus Aldridge, San Antonio Spurs @ Washington Wizards ($7,200 on DraftKings $8,600 on FanDuel)

Aldridge is on the Spurs and surrounded by talent so while he may not be as dominant he is still productive and averaging over 31 points a game. Not too shabby for a second tier priced Power Forward. I also love his matchup tonight in Washington.

(Averaging 31.3 FanDuel PPG and 33.1 DraftKings PPG)


Jahlil Okafor, Philadelphia 76ers @ Milwaukee Bucks ($6,100 on Draft Kings and $5,700 on FanDuel)

Okafor won’t get many rebounds but what he has been doing well early on in his first season is score. His price remains low so I am teaming him up with Monroe or another high-end Power Forward if possible. 25 plus points from your center at this price is good enough for me!

(Averaging 26.4 FanDuel PPG and  28.5 DraftKings PPG)


The Lineup(s)

(I would play these in some GPP Games as well)






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