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While larger sites like FanDuel and DraftKings have grabbed a lot of the mainstream attention, it’s important to realize they’re not the only game in town.

In fact, sometimes you have to leave the mainstream to find a fresh approach to Daily Fantasy. is one such place where you can enjoy Daily Fantasy Sports and find new twists to the standard salary cap games, that put you more in control of your daily game.

What follows is a review of Daily Fantasy players all have different priorities when it comes to their favorite places to play. I’ll try to cover the basics here, with a look at the sports they offer, their various formats of play, the basic scoring and lineup requirements, and a look at what makes them unique in Daily Fantasy Sports. Site Review



GAME FORMATS offers formats that will suit virtually any daily gamer, with “Winner Take It All” contests of various sizes, as well as the increasingly popular 50/50 Double Up games where the top half of entrants share in the winnings.. Their Top 2 and Top 3 formats fittingly reward just the top few finishers, and of course The Fantasy Aces also offer the tried and true Head-to-Head format where you face one opponent and the winner walks away with all the marbles. All formats are salary cap based and test a players ability to build the best lineup under the constraints of a rather tight budget.

SCORING / RULES roster for Daily Fantasy BaseballMLB Scoring at is relatively balanced, but as with most Daily Fantasy sites, weighted toward pitching. A starting pitcher that goes late into a game, puts up high strikeout totals, and earns a win is going to put your team in good shape. Likewise, if your pitching tanks you’re going to have a hard time competing. With so much riding on your two starting pitchers, looking for bargains is a risky proposition.

The bulk of the hitting points are of the positive nature, but a hitter would have to really go off to come close to scoring as many points as a top pitcher.

In addition to the two starting pitchers, your lineup  consists of a catcher, two middle infielders, two corner infielders, three outfielders, and a utility player. The use of middle and corner infielders, in addition to the utility slot, is just another way gives Daily Fantasy players a little more freedom.


The salary structure is honestly pretty tight. There’s not a lot of variance from player to player and the $55,000 makes it tough to build a solid lineup. If you can succeed in building a budget lineup, you will be rewarded though, because’s SalaryPro format offers a new strategic element I have not seen anywhere else. That $55,000 salary cap I mentioned has some play built into it. Do you find your favorite lineup goes over the mark a little? That’s okay, it may be worth it. You are allowed to overspend, but each $50 you go over will put you .20 points in the hole. Maybe you do find a way to build a lineup and come out below that $50,000 line. You get a head start. For every $50 under the cap you are awarded .10 points. The bonus points do not kick in though, until you are $250 under the cap. In a recent tournament, I saw Top 10 finishers who utilized both ends of the strategy. This new element was an additional factor that daily players were in charge of. It added a strategy that is missing from most daily sites and it’s the one element that may elevate Fantasy Aces pretty quickly.


The interface at is ridiculously easy and makes filling out your daily lineup very simple. You can view players all together or by position. You pick the middle infielders from the same player pool and also your corner infielders are grouped together. This gives you more flexibility in finding players that you like at solid price points. Moving players to and from your roster is a simple one-click exercise and you can edit your lineup right up until game time. Interface


For those of you new to Daily Fantasy, rake is a term borrowed from poker to indicate the money taken by the house, or in this case the game site. Rake is a pain to daily players, but it’s a necessary evil that helps keep the gaming sites afloat. has a 10 percent rake that is pretty typical of the daily fantasy industry.

Make your first deposit with and you can get up to $250 free through their 100% Match Bonus!

PAYMENT / PAYOUT handles payment through Mastercard and Visa as well as PayPal. Deposits are easy as pie and you can start play immediately. Payouts are reflected almost immediately with the winnings showing up in your account soon after your contest is complete. Withdrawals are available through PayPal within 24 hours or you can request a check, which may take up to 15 days to process and are only an option for withdrawals over $100.


Smaller daily fantasy sites undoubtedly have an uphill battle, but seems to have struck a chord with daily gamers. Its SalaryPro format offers daily users more control over their roster composition than any other daily site. With The Fantasy Aces it’s still about choosing the best players, but it’s also about being the best player.

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