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Daily Fantasy Sports: Site Review

Draft Day Site Review

I’ve been playing on for a few years now, and I’ve always liked their layout — considering it the absolute best of all the Daily Fantasy Baseball sites out there. The buttons, text and links are all pretty big, and the home page doesn’t look like a spreadsheet just threw up all over your monitor. also has the biggest variety of games, with some really quirky ones that I love, that makes playing in tournaments on their site easy and fun.

Since they have so many different games, it makes it easier for you to master one or two of them, and make them moneymakers for you.

Sometimes, a straight Daily Fantasy Baseball tournament isn’t for everyone. But doing pick ‘em games, or doing Head-to-Head games in a bracket, might be more your speed.

Master those special games — and you can really dominate! Has Something For Everyone

Below are some of my favorite Daily Fantasy Baseball games on any site, not just on


All entrants try to score 400 points, and whoever does will get to split the pot. Sometimes, you’ll double your money — and other times, if not many people hit 400, you’ll really increase your winnings!

Rapid Fire

Every day, they’ll choose 10 players and separate them into five sets of two. Then you pick between all five pairings to figure out which player will score more Fantasy points that day — this guy or that guy. If you get THREE out of five right — you double your money! I played Rapid Fire 107 times last season, and I finished the baseball season with a 69-38 record — victory! You can also try to get five of five right, to get 20-to-1 payment. (I’ve only hit 5-of-5 right once in my 107 tries, so that’s much tougher than it sounds.)

You can also have them email you every time the new Rapid Fire games are set, so you can make early picks. Once you make your picks, they pairings are set. But if someone gets hurt and is out of the lineup, Draft Day will remove him from their game, so that anyone picking after that won’t be able to choose the hurt player’s opponent. In other words, get your picks in early, and you will have the opportunity to pick a player facing someone out of the lineup.

Pick ‘Em Games

Much like the Rapid Fire games, you’re choosing between a small group of players, with no salaries to worry about. You just have to pick which of these players in this set will score the most.


These are one of my favorite games also. You go Head-to-Head up against one player, and if you beat him, you’ll move on to play a second player the very next day. If you beat that player, you get winnings, and you’ll move on again to the third round. There are usually five or six rounds to go through, so your one entry could end up turning into six or eight times as much, if you go on a short Head-to-Head win streak.

Live Drafts

This is actually a new feature for baseball this season, where you can enter a live draft against one other player or against a small group of players. Then, once everyone has joined, the draft begins. Lots of strategy here, considering if you’re in a five-person draft, and you have the fifth pick, and the first four people ahead of you take a first baseman, you can wait to take your first baseman last. These games are actually a lot of fun.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Tournaments

An email from a reader actually pointed out to me how Draft Day’s scoring system awards the largest difference in points between a great game and a horrible game for pitchers. So if you go cheap on pitching, hoping to make up for it in hitting, you could be in big trouble if they get beat up even a little.  You start two pitchers on Draft Day, and you’ll want to target elite pitchers with good offensive support, high K-rates and low walk rates.

Draft Day does some great tournaments, also, including some experts bracket games where you go up against Fantasy Baseball writers in the industry. I think you’ll enjoy playing there, and they also reward their players with rewards, depending on how much they play each month.

I have play in about 10 tournaments a week during baseball season, at varied amounts, and I regularly earn enough rewards to make it into their monthly Silver freerolls for $1,000 in prizes. You get there if you play $250 worth of games each month, or you can get Bronze if you play $100 each month, which gives you entry into a Bronze freeroll for $500 in prizes. If you get Silver, you get entries into both freerolls. If you spend enough to get into Gold ($1,000 per month), you end up getting into $1,500 freerolls. (Obviously, those bigger freerolls will be with fewer combatants, too!)

Again, is one of my favorite Daily Fantasy Baseball sites, and you can expect to see “kmafia” playing in some of those tournaments again this season.

Clayton Kershaw Photo Credit: Dirk Hansen

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