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Imagine participating in your favorite sport, having fun and making money. Last year I drafted Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice in a few of my season long Fantasy Football leagues and I guess you can figure out that I didn’t have much fun or make any money.

What if you drafted your season long Fantasy Football league a few weeks ago and your first three picks were Arian Foster, Jordy Nelson and Kelvin Benjamin? Ouch, I don’t think you will be having much fun or making any money.

Daily Fantasy Sports is a new league for every week of the season. No more bad match ups and no more losing your best players due to injury.

A lot of people haven’t started playing the Daily Fantasy Sports game for whatever reason but if you ask me, I think it’s the future of Fantasy Sports. Let’s face it, we live in a world where everyone wants instant gratification and want it as fast I can finish typing this sentence.

So here are a few basic tips for you to start playing Daily Fantasy Sports.


Daily Fantasy Sports Tips


1. Start Slow

Join a Daily Fantasy Sports website and play some free games. I would strongly recommend joining one of the two big websites like or Get your feet wet to see if you enjoy it before making your first deposit.

2. Know The Scoring System

Each website has different scoring systems. Some use point per reception, standard scoring, bonuses for 300 yards passing, you get the idea. Nothing is worse then making the mistake of playing Giovanni Bernard in a standard scoring league rather then a point per reception league.

3. First Time Deposit Bonuses

If you enjoy playing Daily Fantasy Sports, the Daily Fantasy site you choose will match your money on your first deposit. You want to take advantage of this because you only get this first time deposit bonus. If you don’t enjoy Daily Fantasy Sports, you can always withdraw your money.

4. Bankroll Management

You want your money to last, so I would recommend playing a certain percentage of your bankroll each week so it can spread out over the course of the whole season.

For example, if you deposit $340, you can play $20 per week for the 17 week NFL season. Now of that $20 per week, I would allocate 80% to 50/50’s or Double Ups (about half the field wins), 10% to Tournaments (large fields with huge prizes) and 10% to a weekly league (smaller fields that usually pay the top few spots).

I can’t stress how important bankroll management is because if you want to enjoy Daily Fantasy Sports, then you want to make a few bucks each week by cashing in your 50/50’s and if you ever win a tournament or league, your bankroll will grow faster. This allows you to play more, which can lead to bigger profits each week. I can’t tell you how great it feels to finish in first place out of 4,000 people and turning $1 into $600, but I much rather double my money each week as often as possible, which can lead to a more profitable return on your money.

5. Start with Small Stakes

Start with $2 Double Ups and 50/50’s and $1 Tournaments and Leagues. The small stakes games usually have beginners and gives you a better chance of winning. Look at it like this, the first time you ever played poker, you didn’t jump into the biggest stakes games you could find or the first time you learned to drive a car, you didn’t learn to drive in a sports car. Take it slow and if you want to risk more money, just play more of the small stakes games rather than jumping into larger entry fee games.

6. Building your Daily Fantasy Sports Lineups

Building your lineup for 50/50’s and Double Ups is different than building your lineup for Tournaments and Leagues. In 50/50’s you want low risk, high reward. Like an elite QB and an elite RB sprinkled in with solid WRs and a decent TE. Also you don’t want to have multiple players from one game in 50/50’s and Double Ups because if they don’t play well, you can forget about cashing that week. As for Tournaments and Leagues, it’s the complete opposite, you want to have high risk and high reward players. Like a solid QB, RB, WR and TE from one team, especially if it has a low point spread and a high over/under. Playing players from both teams in a game like this can be very beneficial if the game winds up being a big shootout.

Here are examples of the various types of lineups:

50/50 & Double Up                        Tournaments & Leagues

QB Matt Ryan                                  QB Tony Romo

RB Eddie Lacy                                  RB Eddie Lacy

RB Chris Ivory                                  RB Joseph Randle

WR Dez Bryant                                 WR Dez Bryant

WR Jordan Matthews                     WR Jordan Matthews

WR Davante Adams                        WR Davante Adams

TE Martellus Bennett                      TE Jason Witten

K Brandon McManus                      K Brandon McManus

DEF/ST NY Jets                               DEF/ST NY Jets


7. Just Have Fun

The whole point of Fantasy anything is to have fun and make all sports more enjoyable. Never lose track that it’s supposed to be fun.

So that’s it for this week and I hope this helps everyone become a successful Daily Fantasy Sports players. Make sure to come back to the SoCalledFantasyExperts for all your Daily and Season Long Fantasy Advice you need.

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