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After going through deep league sleepers last week, the Deep League All-Pro team seemed like a logical next step this week.

I was also “inspired” by my father-in-law who called after the ultra-thrilling Pittsburgh/Dallas tilt. He doesn’t play Fantasy Football, but inquired:”Did anyone in your league actually draft Dak Prescott on draft day?”

Of course I had about half a dozen smart-ass answers awaiting. Yet I opted to simply respond with a simple “yes.” Prescott was drafted even in my shallow leagues that drafted after Tony Romo’s injury was announced, let alone my deeper leagues.

But it got me thinking—are there players who were drafted deeper than most standard leagues that have been super studs this year?

Of course there are. Here are some of them….

Deep League All-Pro

Selection Criteria

The first criteria is that it had to be a player whose ADP was outside the Top 200. Anything inside of 200 made them more standard league fare.

The second was they had to be productive. Given that we separated the line for sleepers last week at 25/50/75 for QB&TEs/RBs/WRs, I thought it made sense to use the same line but only those within that set were determined to be “All-Pro.” For example, Brian Hoyer had a super low ADP and has far outperformed his ADP. However, he still is only the 29th best QB overall. That makes him valuable, but not an all-pro worthy selection. So he’s out, but that does make space for at least one nominee…


Deep League All-Pro QB Nominees

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles (ADP Rank: 254, Current Position Rank: 24)

And the winner is Wentz!

Wentz kind of wins by default as the only QB in the Top 25 that was selected outside of 200. Obviously the last minute trade had a lot to do with it. But nine TDs and over 2,000 yards right around the half way point is pretty good for a rookie. Originally though, Wentz was thought to be third on the depth chart and likely to get a look-see if and when the Eagles fell out of the playoff hunt. Speaking of “hunt,” sometimes players and a product make a good match….


But let’s get to a position that has more than one option…


Deep League All-Pro RB Nominees

Jordan Howard, Chicago Bears (223, 19)

Mike Gillislee, Buffalo Bills (254, 39)

Jacquizz Rodgers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (343, 42)

What’s interesting here is the names that barely missed like CJ Prosise and Robert Kelly, whose ADP was just a round or two too early for consideration. Although it is also worth noting how different these three handcuffs are. Charles Sims was thought to be a valuable PPR asset. Everyone knew that Jordan Howard was the handcuff to Jeremy Langford, but it seems that Howard was often being doubted. Meanwhile, people were not sure what was happening behind LeSean McCoy in Buffalo. Gillislee was being grabbed, but Jonathan Williams was a popular pick, especially earlier in the preseason, but also like a certain celebrity we all know people were grabbing Bush too. Mike left Reggie and Jonathan in his dust. But he’s not our selection.

And the winner is….

With over 110 Fantasy points in seven games, the winner is Howard, easily. With Langford back, he might see a few less carries a game, but he is an obvious selection for our deep league All-Pro team.

Next up is a position that is far less obvious…


Deep League All-Pro WR Nominees

Davante Adams, Green Bay Packers (220, 12)

Jamison Crowder, Washington Redskins (251, 17)

Cole Beasley, Dallas Cowboys (254, 25)

Quincy Enunwa, New York Jets (344, 40)

Adam Thielen, Minnesota Vikings (416, 49)

Adam Humphries, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (368, 54)

Seth Roberts, Oakland Raiders (289, 61)

Lots of options here. I even had to leave some names off. This is particularly interesting because as I have detailed before, there is usually a break-out WR in the second half of the season who makes/breaks a Fantasy season. Could we be looking at one of those candidates here? Very likely. And given how strong these options have been, that’s the criteria I am using to choose a winner.

Sorry Crowder, your celebration above is a bit premature. I think Josh Doctson starts to eat into your impressive production. In fact, a lot of the options above are or will be their team’s third or even fourth best receiving option. However, your winner is a receiver who has seen his targets increase each of the last five weeks….


And the winner is….

Congratulations Adam Humphries!

You always need to have a bit of surprise and this is it. But PPR deep leaguers know how valuable Humphries has been the last three weeks, averaging over 10 Fantasy points a game in that span. But what I really like is Humphries’ potential during the Fantasy playoffs (Weeks 14-16) when the Bucs sandwich a meeting with Dallas between two games with New Orleans. Both of those teams are Top 10 in generosity to opposing Fantasy receivers.


Deep League All-Pro TE Nominees

Cameron Brate, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (274, 10)

Jack Doyle, Indianapolis Colts (379, 11)

Dennis Pitta, Baltimore Ravens (406, 14)

C.J. Fiedorowicz, Houston Texans (375, 17)

This is why you don’t grab tight ends early, especially in deep leagues. All four of these TEs are between the Top 10 and Top 20 TEs overall, but each one is having success this year for a different reason. I am guessing I don’t need to detail each situation. If you don’t know, go back and look at each situation.

Speaking of situation, Fiedorowicz owners have had great success but consider this a public service announcement–those days are numbered. The reason is the Texans love Stephen Anderson, who is expected to return this week. Anderson earned All-PAC 12 honorable mention as a senior and notched an 80th-percentile SPARQ score when he ran a 4.64 with a 38-inch vertical leap. He profiles as a catch-first tight end apt at causing matchup problems in the middle of the field, which could be very useful for Brock Osweiler or even back-up Tom Savage.

I had a hard time deciding this one….


And the winner is….

Dennis Pitta. Unlike the other candidates, Pitta already has a nine TD, 60-plus catch season under his belt and should have never fallen into the 400s. Pitta is a TE1 in 14-team or deeper leaguer and is on pace for over 700 yards and 90 catches. To put that in perspective: Delanie Walker was the only TE last year to catch more than 90 passes; Martellus Bennett caught 90 the year before; and no TE hit that threshold the year previously. And he went in the 400s? I had a hard time deciding, but once I did, Pitta is a rock-solid choice.

And being rock-solid is part of what is necessary to be a top defense….


Deep League All-Pro Defense

There’s no need to make it suspenseful as only one Top 10 defense went beyond 200 and are now the NFL’s No. 1 defense, having given up the fewest yards per game. We are talking about of course the…


Baltimore Ravens

But it’s not just yards. Look for yourself:

The Ravens were often the 19thn defense coming off the board. That’s kind of amazing given that they are the sixth best Fantasy defense this year.

However, a word of caution here as the Ravens have had a much easier first half of the season compared to the second half. But the point remains that you can often find yourself a deep sleeper of a defense, even in a deep league.

And deep league All-Pro selections are always out there.


Looking for other deep league all-pro possibilities? Try My Playbook to find additional deep league options.

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