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The idea of a cut list is not new. However, the problem with a cut list on most sites is that the list is often targeted to standard and shallower leagues. Therefore, for us deep leaguers, the cut list on most sites is about as relevant as a volume of Encyclopedia Britanicas.

If I’m in a standard league, I would feel very comfortable cutting either of the Carsons (Wentz or Palmer). But if I’m a 2-QB or deep 16-team league with Russell Wilson or Cam Newton as my top QB, I’m not so sure Carson Wentz or Carson Palmer would make my cut list.

So let’s establish some ground rules, shall we?

First off, a player must be in the Top 75 of RB/WR or Top 25 of QB/TE to be on our cut list. Telling you that you can cut Kamar Aiken or Richard Rodgers isn’t really helpful. I was going to say Julius Thomas, but that brings us to our next rule.

Secondly, we are excluding all injured players. Guys like Giovani Bernard or C.J. Prosise are one of two extremes. Either they’re obvious options to cut or they are obvious stashes in an IR spot for next year.  No need to discuss them.

Got it? Let’s cut (ha ha) right to it….

Week 15 Deep Route: The Cut List

Running Back

Strong running back options in general are in short supply. Options at the position for a deep league cut list are nearly impossible. You would have to be an ass to cut most of them, and with that in mind…

Zach Zenner, Detroit Lions

In a deep league, an average of eight carries the last two weeks is enough to inspire consideration. But don’t. Even if Theo Riddick doesn’t play this weekend, I still expect Dwayne Washington to see the bulk of the carries, like he did this past weekend when he out-carried Zenner 16-9. Even if Zenner gets more carries, the upside is not great enough. Back in Week 6, Zenner saw 14 carries and couldn’t even manage a 3.5 YPC rushing for all of 58 yards. It’s not like Zenner has a nose for the endzone either, as he has “uno aterrizaje.” That Spanish might sound cool, but translated into English it means one touchdown, and that sound horrible.

And please don’t tell me that his eight receptions are giving you reasons to start him in a PPR league. You want a pass catcher, maybe Kenneth Farrow is available? I like Farrow better than our next option too.

Damien Williams, Miami Dolphins

Williams at least caught a TD pass this past weekend and that gives him six total TDs on the year. Plus, it’s hard to add a guy to the cut list who looks like the newest member of Run-DMC. Maybe on a 16-team deep, TD-heavy league I could see keeping Williams. But even that is a serious reach, and no, he has not arrived. In addition to Miami’s top three WRs now being healthy, Dion Sims is starting to come on (two TDs the last three weeks), and I still see Kenyan Drake as Jay Ajayi’s handcuff.

Move on.  


Wide Receiver

Tajae Sharp, Tennessee Titans


Sometimes you just have to let sleepers remain lying down. And I admit it, I got this one wrong.

At the start of the season, things were looking good as Sharpe was targeted a total of 32 times in his first four games. In his last four? He has less than half of that, seeing only 15 targets. Given Sharpe’s lack of targets, the paucity of catches and yards that would be expected has followed. Rishard Matthews has become Marcus Mariota’s favorite wide receiver option, and don’t forget about Delanie Walker. And remember this is a team that likes to run an “exotic smashmouth” offense. That doesn’t leave a lot.

The Jags in Week 16 might seem like a great match-up, but they are actually the six most stingy defense in giving up Fantasy points to WRs. Sharpe was a nice story while it lasted, but it’s time to close that book.

Ted Ginn Jr., Carolina Panthers

Ginn’s book seems to be the Never Ending Story, but Ginn is not a luck dragon worth riding. Just because Devin Funchess had disappointed, it does not mean you should keep Ginn. Cam Newton is averaging barely a passing touchdown a week. Do you feel comfortable betting on Ginn to get that touchdown with Greg Olsen and Kelvin Benjamin present?

Ginn is averaging just 45 yards per game and while Washington and Atlanta seem like nice matchups the next two weeks, they’re not. Furthermore, given that Carolina has eight losses already, how much attention do you think their 31-year-old receiver is going to get?

Quincy Enunwa, New York Jets


Enunwa, meanwhile, has not been given enough attention. In fact, he might be one of the most valuable players in a deep league this year, but it’s time for him to take a seat.

In addition to Brandon Marshall being healthy again, the Jets are playing for next year and seeing what they have in Bryce Petty. Petty’s eye has been on Robby Anderson who is making a late season push to be roster worthy, especially in a deep league. Enunwa’s lack of production speaks for itself: Four catches for 39 yards the last two weeks combined.


Tight End  

Meanwhile, the Rams apparently beat me to the punch when it came to member of their organization that should be cut. They saved you from my Fisher rant, but he’s not the only one worthy of being cut.

Lance Kendricks, Los Angeles Rams

I know, you know, we all know: Fisher is gone, every Rams player gets a boost. But Andre or even OchoCinco might say it best….


The Rams seeing the big uptick are going to be Todd Gurley and receivers like Brian Quick. Kendricks has three receptions and 26 yards the last two weeks. Just because Fisher disappeared in a puff of smoke, it does not mean Kendricks will suddenly catch fire. Kendricks is not worth your time. Or your money, which brings us to the money position.



Brock Osweiler, Houston Texans


Osweiler barely makes our cut at 25, but he should not escape yours. Give me the higher floor of Sam Bradford or higher ceiling of Colin Kaepernick, thank you.

Since the Texans bye in Week 9, Osweiler has a whopping fiveTDs. Yuck! He also has five interceptions. Yuck! At least the Texans are wisely limiting their dependency on him, as his attempts have decreased each of the last four weeks. Another Yuck. He also plays the Bengals and Jags, two teams ranked 9th and 18th in preventing QB Fantasy points. And Yuck.

Comedians want yucks, not your QB. Unfortunately, Osweiler is no laughing matter. He belongs on your cut list.


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