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Are you thinking about drafting the blazing fast Rookie WR out of Washington? If so, you’ll want to know what round to make the pick. While you don’t want to miss out on the fastest player to ever run the 40-yard dash at the NFL combine, you also don’t want to overdraft John Ross.

John Ross is one of the most talked about WRs so far in 2017. You know about his 4.22 40-Yard Dash, as well as the 1,150 yards receiving and 18 TDs he reeled in during his Senior year at Washington.

By this point you also have heard the comparisons of John Ross to DeSean Jackson and how Billy Hamilton, the fastest player in MLB, wants to race him in the 40-Yard Dash.

Behind A.J. Green, there is no established WR2 on the Bengals, so could John Ross fill that void? And with Ken Zampese calling the shots in Cincinnati, Andy Dalton was one of the top QBs last year in deep-passing attempts. Shocking, but true.

Add all of this up and you got yourself a productive Fantasy Football WR, who you can nab late in the draft, right?! Not so fast.

Should I Draft John Ross?

Wait Until the 11th Round or Later


If you are playing in a 12-team Dynasty Fantasy Football league, go ahead and bump Ross up to the ninth round. But if you are playing in a standard 10-team Fantasy Football league, John Ross should be drafted in the 11th or later.

Do you think he should go sooner? Here are 5 reasons why I recommend waiting to draft John Ross:

5. Targets

When healthy, A.J. Green gobbled up nearly 30% of targets from Andy Dalton last year, and Tyler Eifert got nearly 20% of the targets. I’m not optimistic about sharing half the targets between Giovani Bernard, Tyler Boyd and Brandon Lafell.

4. Redzone

Tyler Eifert is a Red Zone monster. You may be thinking, “but what about the 18 TDs that John Ross had at Washington last year?” Don’t buy into that. How many Pac 12 CBs were drafted in the 2017 NFL draft? I’ll wait while you look it up.

3. Bengals Rookie WRs Don’t Produce

Unless your name is A.J. Green, Rookie WRs in Cincinnati don’t have a great track record. Marvin Jones had 201 receiving yards his Rookie season, while Mohammad Sanu had 154. Although Tyler Boyd had 600 yards receiving, most of that was due to A.J. Green and Eifert missing time.

2. Playing Time

Just because he was a first round selection doesn’t mean that he’s a plug-and-play WR in Cincinnati. He’ll have to battle with second-year pro Tyler Boyd and Brandon Lafell for playing time at WR. You also have to consider that Giovani Bernard had over 50 targets last year.

1. Injuries

It doesn’t matter if you’re really, really, REALLY fast, if you aren’t healthy enough to play. During his time at Washington, Ross suffered a right meniscus tear followed by microfracture surgery, a torn left ACL and meniscus, and a torn shoulder labrum from which Ross is now recovering.



If you’re looking for a true Boom or Bust WR in your 2017 Fantasy Football Draft, John Ross is your guy. Just be ready for him to Bust.


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