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The Seattle Seahawks have been shopping for running backs all off-season, and have now found their answer in Eddie Lacy. In conjunction with Thomas Rawls, the Seahawks have a one-two punch at running back to help take the pressure off of Russell Wilson.

Every off-season, there seems to be the same exact problem that resurfaces with Eddie Lacy. This year appears to be no different. Lacy has worked with several different highly publicized trainers, and underwent multiple conditioning programs to no avail.

During his time in Green Bay, it had became apparent that the coaching staff wasn’t thrilled with Lacy’s condition. He has seen a decreased role in the offense at times, and has had some injuries lately that have kept him off the field.

Regardless, Lacy is a dominating presence when he is in shape and healthy. He is a physical, downfield runner, who has shown the ability to catch some passes too.

Now in an offense that features the run, Lacy might have found himself in a situation that would utilize his talents. Even more, Carroll has already gone on record wanting a bigger Lacy at his disposal. Based on his past couple of seasons, however, his Fantasy Football relevance will have some major questions going forward.

Eddie Lacy Rumbles into Seattle

Is Eddie Lacy a worthwhile addition to your Fantasy team?


The only thing that concerns anyone about Lacy has been addressed ad nauseam. Frankly, he must keep his weight under control. If the reports of his weight approaching 267 are true, I am concerned for his health. That is a large weight for a running back, and bouncing up and down on the scale that much can be dangerous for anyone, much less a professional athlete.

If Pete Carroll and the rest of the Seahawks can help keep Lacy at a playable weight, this might be their best free agents in some time. Lacy is powerful, and eats slot corners for breakfast. He is very difficult to slow down, and even worse to bring to the ground. If linebackers bite on Russell Wilson’s already fantastic play action or read option looks, Lacy will make them pay.

Something else worth keeping in mind is the Seattle offensive line. Pro Football Focus even called them the worst in football last year. Adding Luke Joeckel, the Seahawks have hopefully shored up their line. In adding Joeckel, they are going to try to run the football down other teams’ throats and keep Wilson upright. 

Enter Lacy, one of football’s most physical backs. If everything works out and Lacy is able to bring his weight down to a reasonable level, this is a fantastic addition to anyone’s Fantasy team. And if there is any place that can motivate someone, it has to be Seattle. The supporting cast also features Thomas Rawls, a back that is pretty good in his own right. Atlanta was able to have two backs that split time equally with great success Why couldn’t Seattle do the same?


When to Draft and What to Expect

Eddie Lacy’s ADP on is sitting at around the fourth round. This is about where I’d feel comfortable drafting him until I see minicamp, training camp, and preseason play. He is a high-risk, high-reward kind of player and gives me some very strong Melvin Gordon of 2016 vibes. If healthy, and in good playing shape, I’d be comfortable in saying his ceiling is the top of the league, around 1,800 total yards, 40 receptions, and 10 touchdowns. If Lacy doesn’t put it all together and the line continues to struggle, I don’t see him breaking 600 total yards.

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