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I don’t want to get too cheesy here with this Fanamana 101 strategy post, but I need to for a little bit. I am still a rookie when it comes to this mobile only DFS game but in my first few weeks of playing so far have become enamored with it.

There are a few things that I don’t get to do very often at all, but will instantly bring me back to my childhood. The first is opening a box of crayons for my daughters, or whoever and smelling them. That new box of crayons smell is amazingly awesome. The other thing is opening a pack of baseball cards. I rarely do this any more but every now and again I will buy a pack of cards. Each time I tear in to them I have that same anticipation and hope as I used to as a kid baseball card fanatic. The final thing is playing the classic NES and getting sucked back in to my youth filled with vidiocy. That is right, I was a textbook definition Vidiot.

Fanamana may not quite bring back these sensations, but what it does do is bring excitement to each and every at-bat. Daily and seasonal can do this too, but with Fanamana it is truly part of the game, and getting an out is maddening. It is just like cheering on your home team, or perhaps your Little League, or High School teams. Each run is sweet, and every out is painful.

Well, hopefully you’ve tried it out already, but if not you should! Read my previous posts on why you should play and Hitting Advice for this week. I will guide you along the way and this post will be the first of many more focusing on some strategies I have already used, or plan to. Each week I will be back with more. Remember, I am still learning too!

Fanamana Strategies: An Introduction

1. Don’t Just Choose Random At-Bats… Too Often

This one is relatively hard to do, but it is important to make note of real-time and in-game situations. Whether a player’s team is losing, winning, has base runners, no outs or two outs can all greatly impact the at-bat. That should impact your selection. If you take a player who comes to the plate after a double play their at-bat becomes dramatically different from when there is a runner on third base, or if he is leading off an inning.

However, taking a random shot, or calling a home run is also part of the fun and lure of Fanamana so do that too. Just don’t get too risky if you want to keep your Fanamana inning alive.

Pay Attention To Favorable Matchups

I will be helping point out some matchups to exploit every week as well, but if you are able to check a pitchers numbers against a team you may be able to capitalize every night. Perhaps that long-relief guy struggles mightily against left-handed batters. Or maybe he has given up five home runs in 12 at-bats to Evan Longoria. These are all things you can try to pounce on. It also works the other way. Perhaps the starting pitcher does nothing but strikeout a star player. You may want to shy away from them on that particular night, or inning.

Don’t Get Impatient

Remember most games can run over several days. That means as much fun as the game is you don’t need to plow through every inning the same night. However, you certainly can and may even have success. In the few games I did this in I didn’t fare nearly as well as the games I cherry-picked my favorite players, or matchups. It is also tempting to load up on your favorite players, best matchup targets in their early at-bats. This may not always be the best strategy either. Often times games have innings of significance, and in Fanamana that is when you need to capitalize. If you want to focus on Mike Trout at-bats, do it and use him every time. Other players however you may need to wait until the pitcher is struggling, walking batters, and filling the bases. Those are signs, just as in the real game, that a pitcher is wearing down and teams can capitalize.  With players like Mike Trout every at-bat is a potential success, but I like him even more with runners in scoring position.

Take your time, as difficult as it may be once you get a few baserunners to keep going and drive them in. Wait for your targets, and only get random early on in your Fanamana innings.


This is the most important one. Have fun, play some free games to get used to it and not have as much on the line. Get a feel for the game and enjoy that,” Every single at-bat counts,” sensation as if you were actually at the game. Talk trash on Twitter, show off results and screenshots and challenge friends too!

Ok that is it for now, I will be back for more next week and remember I am not going to give away all of my secrets. Well, at least right away.

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