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I have been writing about Fanamana for over a month now, and I do this to help fuel my addiction as well as trying to share the love. One of the most common things for an addict to do is to share their addiction with someone else.

I am hooked on DFS along with millions of others, and know that once many of you try Fanamana you too will add this game to your growing list of DFS games. The cool part about this game is it is mobile only, so it works on your phone and other mobile devices. It is also in real-time, so after you do your DFS research for the day and games start you can still use your research in Fanamana. Plus it is something to do besides obsessively check the live scoring.

If you find a guy crushes left-handed pitching, well you should target him that night on Fanamana. Even better if he crushes a home run in the early innings and the starter is pulled you don’t have to worry about seeing him get shut down by the opposing teams bullpen. You can use him one time or all four at bats if you wish. Totally your call.

Something else to do besides targeting a few of your favorites and safe at every at-bat players like Miguel Cabrera, Mike Trout, and Bryce Harper is to look at who has been shredding the league at the plate over the past seven days.

I use this in all Fantasy games, and it can be beneficial to find an additional bat that can add to your total base count for your Fanamana games . Since so many games are played at the same time targeting only three or four hitters can be safe, but if you are in to a final night of play, you may need to use some additional batters for your games.

Fanamana Bases Juiced

Let’s look at a few hitters who have been tearing it up over the past week.

Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot

Todd Frazier, Cincinnatti vs the Cubs and Tigers

Frazier is the top overall hitter the past seven days. He is slashing .452/.452/.806 with two home runs, five doubles and seven RBIs. That means he’s hitting with power, and most importantly getting on base in nearly half of his at-bats. That is golden. Use him while he is scorching.

Josh Reddick, Oakland vs the Angels and Padres

Reddick is literally the only feared hitter in Oakland right now. He is hitting .435/.480/.826 with two home runs, three doubles and six RBIs. Reddick faces some pitching that is hittable in the next few days so his streak should continue and make him a nice option to get on base in your games.

Jose Abreu, White Sox vs Rays and Pirates

Abreu has been heating up over the past week which has to be a relief to his Fantasy owners in seasonal leagues. He is also someone I have been avoiding like the plague in Fanamana due to his struggles.

Maybe, just maybe he and the White Sox are coming aroun, as hit .348/.348/.739 with three home runs and six RBIs over the last week. If you are looking for a hitter who could smash the ball out of the field Abreu isn’t a terrible option if you have outs to spare.

Byron Buxton vs Texas and the Cardinals

There is no MLB slash line for Buxton, but he is getting the call. As a Twins fan this makes me very excited. The next two pitchers he is facing in Texas are not dominating, he is a top prospect who has been destroying the ball in AAA.

Welcome to the Major Leagues kid, and remember DFS should be fun too so why not have fun and let Buxton take a few cracks in your Fanamana games?

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