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For this Fanamana post we will look once again at the men we sometimes over-look while playing. The pitcher. Although you don’t utilize pitchers in any capacity for this game, you still need to do your homework, or at least be aware of who is on the mound.

It is pretty easy to be cooking along making picks and suddenly see a name in the on-deck circle that catches your eye. “Ooh, Josh Donaldson. He has been so hot lately”and click that little plus sign and hope for the best.

You may have missed that he was facing Matt Harvey for the first time last night and pretty much got shut down. Or perhaps he is facing Felix Hernandez who he has faced 33 times and is hitting .182 against in his career.

I am certainly not saying to avoid using particular players based on history, or the controversial BvP statistic as much as avoid using them without paying attention to the circumstances. If you used Donaldson against Hernandez in his last start which was very brief it would have worked out well. If he was through five innings with only 1 hit and eight strikeouts? I would stay away.

In a way you can play the game however you want. I have done it myself and love to just wing it. See a name, give them an at bat and see what happens. Over-strategizing or thinking things can sometimes damper the game, but there are other times when you should avoid particular players or matchups altogether.

So with this let’s once again give a few suggestions to help you in your own Fanamana games. Haven’t played yet? Now is the time to jump in. Get started by downloading the app here on iOS or Android. If you are on an Android device, you’ll have to take this extra step and download the app directly from Fanamana since cash gaming is not permitted on Google Play. Start by joining this weekly contest for free and win too!

Fanamana Bases Juiced

Let’s look at the rest of the week and find some pitchers to run somewhat slowly, while looking over your shoulder several times, and while screaming and stumbling away from shall we?

Pitchers to Avoid

Clayton Kershaw, LAD vs San Francisco Giants

Kershaw may have concerned a few people early in the season but he appears to be his normal dominant self once again. The Giants have been very good as of late, and who knows they could get to Kershaw in this one. If so, it will likely be later in the game. I am not going to use any Giant hitters against him to simplify it, but if you are watching the game or scoreboard and see him getting knocked around? Well then it is up to you, but that is the only way I am facing him.

He is giving up 7.24 hits per nine innings along with a 3.21 ERA and whopping 112 strikeouts in 87 innings pitched.

Gerrit Cole, Pittsburgh @ Chicago White Sox

Cole has looked like a CY Young candidate this season and facing one of the worst hitting teams this season is something I am not even fathoming approaching. Jose Abreu? No. Adam LaRoche? No. Alexei Ramirez? Once again no way. Just stay away from Cole at this point please.

Cole is giving up only 7.71 hits per nine innings, with 93 strikeouts in 84 innings and a glimmering 1.71 ERA on the season so far.

Lance McCullers and Dallas Keuchel, Houston @ Colorado

Keuchel and McCullers have been impressive this season and although neither name will bring fear to most Fantasy owners eyes I will not be facing these guys unless they are getting hit around. They simply don’t give up many hits, or if they do minimize the damage very well.

They are in the deadly confines of Colorado so anything can happen of course, but for now I am not using Rockies hitters UNLESS these guys are walking hitters or in the midst of an unraveling inning.

Pitcher to Attack

I will list a few pitchers who are either struggling, or simply put tend to get roughed up when they are on the mound. 

Erasmo Ramirez, Tampa Bay @ Cleveland Indians

Poor Erasmo somehow is a DFS punching bag, but he hasn’t been that terrible. He hasn’t been good, but that all important statistic of Wins leave Ramirez at 6-2. Impressive to say the least. What lies beneath however is more concerning. He currently holds a 4.59 ERA, less than a K per 9 innings and walks 3.22 batters per 9.

I will be targeting Michael Brantley, Brandon Moss and Jason Kipnis for sure when the Eraser is on the mound.

That is it for this week. Be sure to stay tuned for more posts from myself on Fanamana, and all other things over on

Image From: Paul Hadsall

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