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Sure this is another post on Fanamana strategy for the mobile only DFS game, but it is also a way for me to encourage you to play and even better WIN! If you haven’t tried it yet there is no better time than the present. Try it here. You will need to download the App from the Apple Store or Google Play on your mobile device(s).

I have been receiving feedback that some of my personal tales are a favorite part of my posts. I take that as a huge compliment, and appreciate any and ALL feedback. Whether it is positive or critical matters not because these posts are meant to be useful as well as pleasant to read.

So with that being said, thanks for reading, and thanks for playing this awesome daily (sort of) game. I say sort of because the games can span over days so sure you can play daily, but results are not always completed in one days time.

The other night I was playing Fanamana and my oldest daughter was looking over my arm at my phone. She asked about the game and I explained how it works as best as I could to a 6-year-old. She mistakenly assumed I could make hitters do something, similar to a video game, in real life! I told her I wish I could, we would have lots and lots of money and I wouldn’t have to wear a silly hard hat anymore.

After more explanation I told her she could pick a hitter for me and she chose Todd Frazier. Sure it was completely random but he hit a Home Run! Linnea for the win. I rewarded her with ice cream, and asked her to submit a guest post some time.

I am not saying this is a game so easy a six-year-old can do it as much as reiterating that no one can predict outcomes and a little luck can go a long way in any sort of game. Try it out and let me know how you do or if you have any questions on Twitter @fantsychillpony. Now for some strategy.

Fanamana Strategy 101

1. Pay Attention to Hitting Statistics, But Not Necessarily Year-To-Date Numbers

This one is important for any Fantasy Baseball player I think. In Daily games just because a player is hitting .315 on the season does not mean they are a great pick. Why? Because what if they were hitting .440 the first two weeks of the season and are on a 1-17 slump? Their average may look great, but stay focused on the last five to seven games numbers.

2. Target Hitters Who Draw Walks

This one is huge. To win in Fanamana hits and home runs are huge, but total bases are what really count. Solo home runs are valuable but when you have base runners you will be in even better shape. Players who have great plate discipline such as Joe Mauer, Jose Bautista, Joey Votto, Paul Goldschmidt and the surprise this season Bryce Harper. 

They all have potential to get hits but adding the threat of getting a walk is very important.

3. Know the Daily Lineups of Your Hitter Targets

If you want to hone in on select hitters which I try to do every night, you really need to know the daily lineups. Unless you are watching every game live all the time it can be hard to follow and keep up. You can select a hitter only when they are On Deck. Not at bat, or in the hole. That makes it beneficial to know who hits in front of your target, or even two spots ahead.

Remember it takes time to open the app and select your player too so you can’t wait until the last-minute. I would recommend following the box scores the best you can, and keep your Fanamana application open. Toggle between them, or simply use the Fanamana app and follow along that way, but knowing when your hitter is coming up, and how many outs their teams have in each inning is extremely valuable.

Good Luck this week everyone! I will be back with more content very soon. Be sure to stay tuned to all of the great content on SCFE daily!

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