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Since the very beginning of Fantasy Football smart players have tried to exploit the weaknesses of NFL defenses, basing many of their start/sit decisions on the matchups each of their players was faced with. Fantasy Points Allowed by Position (FPAbP) was developed with this in mind.

The problem was that in traditional season-long leagues each owner’s options were limited to the three or four players at each position on their roster. Thus was born the timeless Fantasy Football cliché, “You never sit your studs.” And when your other options are backup running backs or questionable third receivers, that is sage advice.

Then along came Daily Fantasy Football and we were no longer chained to the handful of players we drafted. Each Fantasy owner can now draft an all new team each and every week. With this multitude of options, it’s now much easier to maximize point totals by targeting players with only the very best matchups.

So, Fantasy Points Allowed by Position, a metric that had seen limited use in traditional Fantasy, suddenly becomes a Daily Fantasy player’s best friend.

FPAbP simply measures how many points each NFL defenses allows to quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends. It’s a very straightforward way to evaluate the matchups that each NFL player is faced with.

2015 FPAbP for the FanDuel Scoring System

In the table below you will find the 2015 Fantasy Points Allowed by Position for all of the skill positions, along with the teams that benefit from the matchups. Obviously no team is exactly the same from year to year. Teams have made many changes in the hopes of addressing some of the weaknesses we’re trying to exploit. They’ve added and subtracted players and may have new coaches with totally different schemes. Despite that, in any given year there is surprisingly little turnover in defensive rankings across the NFL.

For the first three or four games of each season I find the previous year’s numbers are still the best base to work from. Around NFL Week 4  we can start relying on data from the new season, and it gains validity with each passing week. FPAbP should be a huge weapon in every Daily Fantasy player’s arsenal.

 Dallas Cowboys16.524.425.37.3NYG@WASCHI@SF
 Kansas City Chiefs16.616.931.57.3SD@HOUNYJ@PIT
 New York Jets16.515.728.67.7CIN@BUF@KCSEA
 Baltimore Ravens18.818.232.97.9BUF@CLE@JAXOAK
 New England Patriots17.318.530.88.6@ARIMIAHOUBUF
 Miami Dolphins18.426.629.98.8@SEA@NECLE@CIN
 San Francisco 49ers16.926.829.19.1LAR@CAR@SEADAL
 Buffalo Bills18.119.631.79.1@BALNYJARI@NE
 Houston Texans16.718.825.49.3CHIKC@NETEN
 Cleveland Browns20.420.633.09.4@PHIBAL@MIA@WAS
 Philadelphia Eagles21.424.734.39.5CLE@CHIPITBYE
 Carolina Panthers16.020.426.19.7@DENSFMIN@ATL
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers19.219.631.69.7@ATL@ARILARDEN
 Cincinnati Bengals15.
 Chicago Bears19.822.425.49.9@HOUPHI@DALDET
 Green Bay Packers16.519.525.610.0@JAX@MINDETBYE
 Minnesota Vikings17.118.627.810.1@TENGB@CARNYG
 Washington Redskins19.321.332.010.1PITDAL@NYGCLE
 Arizona Cardinals16.718.625.410.5NETB@BUFLAR
 San Diego Chargers16.824.624.510.7@KCJAX@INDNO
 Seattle Seahawks14.015.020.910.8MIA@LARSF@NYJ
 Denver Broncos13.919.719.710.8CARIND@CIN@TB
 Indianapolis Colts19.321.531.411.0DET@DENSD@JAX
Los Angeles Rams16.922.325.911.0@SFSEA@TB@ARI
 Tennessee Titans20.617.330.111.5MIN@DETOAK@HOU
 Pittsburgh Steelers19.216.633.711.6@WASCIN@PHIKC
 Jacksonville Jaguars20.524.428.711.9GB@SDBALIND
 Detroit Lions18.921.228.412.2@INDTEN@GB@CHI
 Atlanta Falcons16.525.720.312.7TB@OAK@NOCAR
 Oakland Raiders18.321.327.612.7@NOATL@TEN@BAL
 New York Giants21.424.631.814.7@DALNOWAS@MIN
 New Orleans Saints24.526.831.615.2OAK@NYGATL@SD

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