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Fantasy 30 For 30: Our 2015 Fantasy Baseball Team Previews

From the World Series to a worldwide web series! We gathered 30 Fantasy Baseball writers from 30 different Fantasy sites to chip in on the 2015 Fantasy Baseball team previews.

I’ve always considered the Fantasy Baseball industry to be one of the friendliest in the world. They are usually willing to help out with any project – and this one was no different. By comparison, the Fantasy Football industry is a little more selfish/surly/suspicious.

While there are certainly some great, friendly websites in the Fantasy Football world, you’ll usually find that the nice ones have a foothold (or even an origin) in the Fantasy Baseball world, as well.

2015 Fantasy Baseball Team Previews Template

I created a template (which means I stole the template from a couple years ago with their permission) for each of the Fantasy writers to use as a general guideline for their 2015 Fantasy Baseball team previews. These previews are different from the ones you’ll find on ESPN and, since they’re all written from a Fantasy perspective. That means you shouldn’t expect to see each team’s playoff chances.

Each team preview article will have the following sections:


Based on what happened to each team in recent seasons and in the offseason, this is a short explanation of how this team looks from a Fantasy viewpoint.

Projected Go-To Lineup & Projected Pitchers

What’s the projected Opening Day lineup? Who can we expect to see make the rotation? These lineups, rotations and bullpens will be culled from the guys at If you haven’t bookmarked this site yet, do so now – it’s easily the best depth chart site for baseball around.

Fantasy Studs

Which players are the obvious Fantasy superstars we should expect to see drafted in the early rounds?

Breakout Candidates

Which players have a chance to go from late- or middle-round picks in 2015 up to early round picks in 2016? That would indicate they’re in for a much better season than many expect.

Sleeper Candidates

Which players have a chance to go from late-round picks — or even go undrafted — up to middle-round picks in 2016? This means they had a very good season in 2015 and are on our radar going into next year.

Bust Candidates

There might be some players that are expected to be early or middle-rounders that have a realistic chance of stinking it up in 2014. This could be because of injuries, misjudged talent or any other factors.

Top Rookies

Which youngsters are players we need to know about for the upcoming season? There might even be a few we need to know for future seasons, so it doesn’t hurt to know about them now. But for the most part, this will be about players expected to produce in 2015.

What Should We Know?

This will just be an interesting point or two about this team that the writer really wants us to know about. It could be a great stat or something about the stadium they play in or anything else that makes a difference for 2015.

Site/Writer Bio

The Fantasy writer will explain what their Fantasy Baseball site is all about and it gives them a chance to tell you about themselves, too. What’s their background, and what makes them someone worth reading?

Team Previews Schedule

We’re starting to roll these Fantasy Baseball MLB Team Previews on Friday, Jan. 23, with one team getting posted each day. The AL and NL East will start us off, followed by the Central divisions and the AL and NL West in mid-February. This entire series of 2015 Fantasy Baseball team previews should be done just in time for when catchers and pitchers report.

Post dateMLB TeamWebsiteWriter
1/23/2015Baltimore OriolesDynastySportsEmpire.comT.J. Hoogsteen
1/25/2015Boston Red SoxBaseballProf.comBryan Curley
1/27/2015N.Y. YankeesFantasyPros.comChris Zolli
1/29/2015Tampa Bay RaysFantasySportsNetwork.comDoug Anderson
1/31/2015Toronto Blue JaysDFSReport.comBenjamin Ricciardi
2/2/2015Chicago White SoxRotoInfo.comSteve Pimental
2/4/2015Cleveland IndiansSoCalledFantasyExperts.comDamian Schaab
2/6/2015Detroit TigersSoCalledFantasyExperts.comStefan Zonia
2/8/2015Kansas City RoyalsFantasyFiveStar.comAndy Singleton
2/10/2015Minnesota TwinsDavidGonos.comChris Meyers
2/12/2015Houston AstrosTodaysKnuckleball.comGreg Jewett
2/14/2015L.A. AngelsFantasyAces.comChris Imkamp
2/16/2015Oakland AthleticsMoxyBall.comBrad Binns
2/18/2015Seattle MarinersFNTSYSportsNetwork.comNando Di Fino
2/20/2015Texas RangersTodaysKnuckleball.comTimothy King
1/24/2015Atlanta BravesFantasyAssembly.comJim Finch
1/26/2015Miami MarlinsFakeTeams.comAlex Kanteck
1/28/2015N.Y. MetsWeTalkFantasySports.comKeith Lott
1/30/2015Philadelphia PhilliesBretskyBall.comWayne Bretsky
2/1/2015Washington NationalsLeagueSafePost.comDaniel Archer
2/3/2015Chicago CubsLockerRoomFantasySports.comNeil Parker
2/5/2015Cincinnati RedsTheFantasyFix.comAlan Harrison
2/7/2015Milwaukee BrewersFantasyBlackBook.comJoe Pisapia
2/9/2015Pittsburgh PiratesFantasySquads.comDavid Kerr
2/11/2015St. Louis CardinalsRotoBaller.comScott McCloy
2/13/2015Arizona DiamondbacksRotoExperts.comMichael Florio
2/15/2015Colorado RockiesFantasySquads.comBrendan O'Brien-Cockson
2/17/2015L.A. DodgersSoCalledFantasyExperts.comDave Albin
2/19/2015San Diego PadresRotoRankers.comJosh Meredith
2/21/2015San Francisco GiantsMastersball.comLawr Michaels

I’d like to take this time to shout out a huge “THANK YOU” to all of these writers and websites for helping us get this 2015 Fantasy Baseball team preview series off the ground. We’re very proud to have it as the launching series for and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Photo Credit: Mike Wilkins

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