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Memorial Day Weekend is always great for baseball and this season was no exception.

Matt Harvey reminded us why he was drafted as a Top 10 pitcher with an excellent seven-inning performance against the White Sox.

Jhoulys Chacin and Marco Estrada continued their strong seasons with gems as well.

However, a complete game shutout from Steven Wright at Camden Yards and Adam Duvall’s two-homer performance at Coors Field stole the show on Monday.

This week’s hot topics will focus on Duvall and Wright, what they have done to be successful to this point in the season, and predict their chances of keeping that going moving forward.

Fantasy Baseball Hot Topics, May 31

 Adam Duvall, OF, Cincinnati Reds

Adam Duvall seemed like he was on track to be a career Minor League All-Star but with little potential for more when the 2016 season began. After six home runs in his past 10 games, however, Duvall has looked more like a Major League All-Star. He is now on pace for 41 home runs on the season, which would obviously play in any Fantasy league and format. The question, however, is if this performance will continue.

Playing time shouldn’t be an issue for Duvall, even if the Reds eventually call up top prospect Jesse Winker because Jay Bruce will likely find himself shipped off to another team before long. That would likely put Duvall in right field, Winker in left and Billy Hamilton in center and allow all of them to be in the everyday lineup.

As far as his performance goes, Duvall has legitimate power. He showed that throughout his minor league career and has also proven it in the majors this season. He currently ranks 17th in average fly ball distance and he has the 18th highest rate of fly balls among qualified hitters this season. These two stats combined indicate that his home run production should remain strong.

Even so, his HR/FB rate is unlikely to be maintainable, as he currently owns 26 HR/FB rate, good enough for Top 5 among qualified hitters. Given that, 30 home runs on the season (17 more) is about as much as I would feel comfortable projecting.

A bigger problem for Duvall is his horrendous plate discipline and contact rate. Duvall has swung at 40-percent of pitches outside the zone this season, eighth worst among qualified hitters, but has made contact outside the zone at only the 163rd highest rate among those same qualified hitters. That has led to a whopping 29.1-percent strikeout rate and only a 3.6-percent walk rate.

Duvall’s average currently sits at .271 but should end up much closer to his career .240 average by season’s end.

His recent performance makes him a prime sell-high candidate, but the power potential doesn’t require dumping him off your roster without prying back some significant value.

Steven Wright, SP, Boston Red Sox

After the Red Sox signed David Price this offseason, there was a lot of talk of who would follow his lead in the team’s rotation. However, there has been a different leader to the rotation that no one was expecting, and that man is Steven Wright.

In 69.2 innings pitched this season, Wright has managed to post a 2.45 ERA, 1.09 WHIP and 61 strikeouts.

What makes Wright’s dominance most shocking is that he is a knuckleball pitcher. That makes him very difficult to predict, and thus very difficult to know if he will be able to continue his dominance.

What is known, however, is that hitters are swinging at his pitches more than ever and they are also whiffing on his pitches at a three percent greater clip than his career rate. His strand rate and BABIP may both be slightly high and due for some regression, but neither looks likely to to be out of line enough to sink his season.

The one area where Wright looks to be due for regression is his HR/FB rate, which currently sits at 4.5-percent. That will almost certainly rise closer to his 8.9-percent career HR/FB rate, but Wright’s tendency to induce groundballs is high enough that he shouldn’t get burned too much by the long ball.

However, the volatility of the knuckleball does cause some concerns with the likely increase in home runs moving forward, as potential control problems could lead to some blow-up outings.

Right now, the stats back up Wright’s great 2016 season, but be warned that this performance came out of nowhere and could be gone as quickly as it came. This concern is clearly shared in Fantasy circles, as Wright is owned in just 63-percent of ESPN leagues and 72-percent of Yahoo leagues. Thus, if you have a struggling rotation, Wright could be a cheap answer to some of your problems.

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