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Our 2016 Fantasy Football positional preview continues on our “Fantasy Fatcast” podcast, this time bringing in guest John La Presto for our 2016 Wide Receivers preview.


Odell Beckham Jr. Photo Credit: e OrimO

La Presto is one of our “So-Called Fantasy” Football writers, and he’s been busting his butt working on draft prep articles over the past month or so.

But before we got into the wide receivers talk, in a new segment we’re doing each podcast, I share one of my favorite free Fantasy Football draft tools out there.

This time, it’s a shout-out to the work Goose is doing over at, where he finds all the best articles, rankings, podcasts and everything else Fantasy related (including Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball and Fantasy Golf!).

John La Presto talks about what he thinks about the “Zero RB Theory,” and how this year’s wide receivers affects what he might do in Round 1.

Wide Receivers Preview for 2016

Obviously, you can’t talk about wide receivers without first discussing what the “So-Called Fantasy” Rankings are for wide receivers. So first we talk about the top 10 wide receivers, including which ones we think could leapfrog others.

La Presto touches on a couple guys he’s excited about this season, including Mike Evans and A.J. Green. David Gonos shares his thoughts on Julio Jones in the top 10, and Emack discusses Odell Beckham Jr. and Julian Edelman.

Then we move right into the category that most people are interested about – the 2016 Fantasy Busts at Wide Receiver! I say most people are interested in it because we all kind of have a good idea of which receivers rank where, but which high-ranked receivers are in danger of becoming low-ranked receivers by season’s end? Sammy Watkins and Dez Bryant are two of our “bust” targets. We also share our thoughts on Randall Cobb and Golden Tate coming into 2016.

Grizzle or Sizzle: WR-Style

In one of our favorite new segments, we each pick whether or not the following trio of players are “Grizzle” (garbage we want scraped off our plate) or “Sizzle” (hot stuff we want more of!).

  • Doug Baldwin, Seattle – 10 ADP at
  • Kevin White, Chicago – 7.06 ADP
  • Corey Coleman, Cleveland – 9.03 ADP

We didn’t have time to go through all of SCFE’s 2016 Wide Receiver Rankings but we touched on enough different wideouts to give you a headstart!

You can find all of John La Presto’s articles here, and follow him on Twitter at @TheJohnLapresto, along with Eric Mack @EricMackSports and myself, @DavidGonos.

We hope you enjoyed our Fantasy Wide Receivers preview for 2016, and check out our 2016 Tight Ends Preview podcast with Jamey Eisenberg of Come back each Monday and Thursday for more new “Fantasy Fatcast” podcasts each week!

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