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You’d naturally think that listening to a Fantasy kickers podcast would be boring and uninteresting!

Fantasy FatCast PodcastWe’re about to BLOW YOUR MIND!

OK, maybe I’m overselling this kickers and DST preview episode of the Fantasy Fatcast a little bit, but Eric Mack and I had a great time doing it!

I do think that you’ll end up learning a thing or two about Fantasy kickers that you might not have known before this!

But first, I talk about what an amazing draft tool the Draft Wizards’ Draft Assistant is, and how it’s easily the most powerful Fantasy Football draft tool out there.

We talk about Jake Ciely’s “Modest Proposal” to eliminate kickers from lineups altogether – and it’s a much better idea than having rich people eat the children of poor people!

2016 Fantasy Kickers Podcast Preview!

The first thing we get into is when you should take a kicker in your draft – and it’s not always the last round!

Something I forgot to mention in the podcast was taking a kicker earlier if you are in a limited keeper league, where you can only hold over players taken after Round 10. That makes those later picks, which could be sleeper running backs and wide receivers, more valuable than your tenth-rounder!

Here’s a link to our 2016 Fantasy Football Kicker Rankings!

I talk about how looking at the “First Downs” tallied by each team the previous season is a good way to look for solid Fantasy kickers. A lot of first downs means it’s an offense that can move the ball, but possibly not with long touchdown scores, which means their kicker could get more field-goal opportunities.

The Top 10 Teams in First Downs From 2015

  1. Saints –
  2. Cardinals
  3. Falcons
  4. Panthers
  5. Patriots
  6. Chargers
  7. Eagles
  8. Lions
  9. Bucs
  10. Seahawks

Finders Sleepers: Emack and I both pick one kicker we like as late-late-late-round sleepers, for those that are in leagues that require two kickers to be drafted for each team.

2016 Fantasy Football Defenses Podcast Preview!

Here’s a link to our 2016 Fantasy Football Defense/Special Teams Rankings!

We move on to the Fantasy Defense position, and I discuss how I use Fantasy Strength of Schedule to help me with my DST picks.

The Denver Broncos, for instance, have a really tough early schedule, but then it gets better – and then they have the very best schedule from Weeks 11-15 – just in time for your playoffs! So watch for them to possibly get dropped after playing stellar offenses to start the season.

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Come back Thursday when we move on from our Fantasy Kickers podcast, and talk about the 2016 class of Fantasy Rookies! … as well as the sophomores from last year!

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