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Why Use SCFE Fantasy Football Email Advice?

Whether you’re new to Fantasy Football or a seasoned veteran, it’s nice to bounce your ideas and questions off of other experienced players. You can get plenty of opinions on Twitter, but sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough to give a detailed response. That’s where SCFE Fantasy Football Email advice comes in. You’ll have a team of experienced Fantasy players providing thorough answers that address all factors that may be in play. Twitter is good for opinions. Email advice is much better for explanations and in-depth strategy.

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Be prepared though, when we say team, we mean team. You may get several answers and they won’t always agree. In fact our writers may call each other names. The idea is that you get the ideas and opinions of various individuals with a lot of Fantasy Football experience. Then you take the recommendations and make your own decision. It is your damn team after all.

Just remember we do not offer refunds on our Fantasy Football Email Advice… Mostly because PayPal doesn’t accept payments of nothing.

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