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We are back and boy do we have a jammed packed show for you!

Fantasy Baseball Hot Starts: Real or Fake

We play a game of Real or Fake. In this game we bring up some of the players who have had some rather unexpected hot starts to the season and say whether or not it is real or fake. Guys like Mat Latos, Mark Trumbo, Colby Rasmus, Chris Carter and Jason Hammel.

NFL News

With the NFL Draft just a couple of days away it feels right to discuss some NFL news. We talk about the Tom Brady deflate gate suspension… again. Sam Bradford wants out of Philly. Josh Norman signing with the Redskins and Johnny Manziel making sure he never plays football again.

Fantasy Baseball News

Next we discuss some MLB and Fantasy Baseball news and injuries that will affect your fantasy team. Michael Brantley returning, Carlos Carrasco is on the DL, along with some Minnesota Twins prospect news and Blake Snell getting the call up this past weekend.

A.J.’s Rant

This week’s rant is not Fantasy related, but as we mentioned before it isn’t always going to be.

This week, A.J., or excuse me Dick Bixbie (you’ll have to ask him), gets all riled up about what Tyler Collins did in Detroit over the weekend. If you didn’t catch it, you can watch him flick off the crowd and yell some obscenities at his home crowd. Yes that’s right, his HOME crowd.

This play was bad and his actions were worse and Dick Bixbie makes sure he let’s you know exactly how he feels.

Your Questions

We finish with Twitter/Call-in questions. Each week we try to answer all your questions on air. So send them in to @fantasysixpack or @AppleGarthAlgar or call-in and hear your questions get answered live on air.

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