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Welcome back to the Fantasy Six Pack hour. I am our host Joe Bond and my co-host, as always, is A.J. Applegarth. It is a jam packed show.

Fantasy Baseball Injuries Strike Again

We have a lot of Fantasy Baseball news to cover tonight as the Fantasy Baseball injuries have hit hard over the last week.

From David Wright and Hunter Pence to Michael Brantley and Brandon Guyer.

We also give some good news with guys returning along with some Waiver Wire help to cover for those injured players. Next we discuss a couple of the super prospects, Jameson Taillon and Byron Buxton and what their fantasy outlook is for the rest of the season and if you should run to pick them up.

There was also a trade involving James Shields to the White Sox, how does that impact him? Last Jhonny Peralta returns to the Cardinals. What do we expect from him the rest of the season?

Ali and Kimbo Passing

First though we start off with some bad news about the passing of legends Muhammad Ali and Kimbo Slice. Both made major impacts in their respective sports. Ali the much greater known and obviously considered more of a legend than Kimbo, but Kimbo deserves his own recognition.

It is truly sad to see these two pass, but we reflect a little on their impact on their sports and lives of others.

Early Fantasy Football ADP

After all that we will do a Fantasy Football early ADP game. I will give A.J. two player and ask him which he would draft first. Then I will reveal the current ADP, which is compiled on Fantasy Pros right now.

Your Questions

We finish with Twitter/Call-in questions. Each week we try to answer all your questions on air. So send them in to @fantasysixpack or @AppleGarthAlgar or call-in and hear your questions get answered live on air.

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