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We are back to finish up our position previews for the 2016 season by talking about the starting and relief pitchers.

First we cover some of the latest news in baseball, including Carter Capps, Jhonny Peralta and Pedro Alvarez.

SP and RP Position Preview

Starting Pitching

For starting pitching, it is a very deep position, but one that the top tier players have improved some much over the past few years. How does that change our strategy going into 2016? We tell you how it has changed ours.

Also cover hot topics such as is Jake Arrieta for real? Can the new San Fransisco Giants pitching duo, Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija, bounce back this year? Can a couple of stars comeback from injury plagued 2015’s?

We also talk about some of the Super Sophmores and our favorite prospect for the upcoming season.

Relief Pitching

Relief pitching is such a roulette wheel all season long. You just never seem to know where the ball is going to drop and the closer loses their job. This makes drafting this position very interesting and difficult. We tell you how we get around this to make the best out of such a volatile position.

Also what to do about Aroldis Chapman now that he is suspended for 30 games? Can Glen Perkins return to form after a year of neck and back injuries slowed him down? And the one guy you think will ultimately close that isn’t set to start the season that way.

Of course we finish each position with our sleepers and busts.


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