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Fantasy Website Review:

Every now and then, we’re going to try to do some Fantasy website reviews.

We hope to introduce you to sites you might not have known about, or tools on those sites you didn’t know existed.

I’m a big fan of helping other sites out, and them helping us out.

Whenever I talk with a possible partner for content or tools or what not, I always say the same thing about the Fantasy industry: It’s about cooperation more than competition.

We’re going to talk about, which finds the best Fantasy Baseball and Football articles on the web.

Famtasy Website Review: What’s All About?

The Goose finds the most relevant and helpful Fantasy articles every day – multiple times a day.

When you first arrive at the site, you’ll see just four dropdowns to choose from, making navigation relatively simple, and there are just three skyscraper banner ads. That means the site is clean, fast and unobtrusive.

Fantasy Baseball is up top, until the football season hits. Every day, Goose scans all of his feeds to find the best articles. When I say scans, I actually mean – he goes to the article to make sure it’s helpful, readable and entertaining. That means – he’s not sending you to crap.

His links aren’t just naked links. He explains what the article is about and what you should expect to see.

At the top of each header, you’ll see the time of day he most recently updated the page. Every morning, afternoon and night, he’s finding Fantasy articles for you.

There’s also a module on the right with his Twitter feed, so you can follow his daily thoughts.

From prospect news to updated rankings to team previews and everything in between, he links to nearly everything in the Fantasy Sports world – every day! The past two days are always on the home page, with the individual archived sections going back two months.

Highlights: Favorite Parts of This Fantasy Website

FantasyRundown-ButtonObviously, this is a great spot to catch up on great Fantasy articles, but he also has an awesome collection of updated Fantasy rankings. On the football side, they have links to the individual positions on over 40 Fantasy websites.

On his Fantasy Baseball home page, he has links to Fantasy podcasts, Internet radio shows, and links to depth charts.

Wish List: Things This Fantasy Website Should Add

One thing I know about Goose – he’s not a fan of posting links to mock drafts on his site because he just doesn’t believe they are as helpful as people think. He’s probably right about that, as he said that there are so many different possibilities after every pick, it’s not helpful for most owners.

Summary: Who Benefits From Using This Fantasy Website?

Everyone benefits from this site, since it has something for everyone in the article links.

Beginners can learn about different strategies, and veterans can get links to deep, well-thought out articles that target a specific method.

You might get links to dynasty rankings in the morning, and yearly leagues in the afternoon, as well as links to an article about what to expect from Joey Votto in 2015.

You can go to the Fantasy Baseball home and hit control-F to search any player to see what latest articles highlighted him. I just typed in “Verlander” and found that five articles were linked off from here since February 14. Type in “prospects” to see that 108 articles were linked out. Type in “keeper” to find 21 articles about these types of leagues.

There’s something to love for everyone on one of the more in-touch Fantasy websites out there. We’ll continue to do a Fantasy website review once in a while throughout the year, so check back often!

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