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The Fantasy Football season doesn’t officially start until there’s been rampant cursing, palpable tension with a loved one, thrown (or broken) something or cut someone from your roster. After Week 1 of the NFL season, there’s a chance you’ve done all of the above. You’ll undoubtedly be reading articles on who to add from your waiver wire. In order to add you must drop, so here you’ll find five players to drop after Week 1.

There were a number of disappointing performances in Week 1 but not all poor performances are created equally. For example, there is no need to drop Martellus Bennett. He didn’t help you in Fantasy even though Rob Growkowski was absent because he was used as an extra offensive lineman most of the evening. He’ll be fine. We need to be smart about this.

There’s a negative connotation connected with dropping players. As proud Fantasy Football owners we feel the need to stick up for our draft picks. We feel they simply need a chance. Perhaps overreacting and acting impulsively is foolish and hesitation is the key. Don’t drop. Hesitate.

Yes, I believe these players should be dropped. No, I’m not suggesting these players suck. They may have a strong Fantasy performance at some point, most likely on your bench, which does you no good. Time is a factor. Waiver wire options are available now. Get them.

They say the word hero is used too often, but every once in a while, the shoe fits. In times of adversity if we can’t look to words of wisdom from American heroes, who can we turn to? Regarding the dangers of hesitating and whether or not it is wise to drop, let’s turn to the greats for advice.

“When the pimps in the crib, ma, drop it like it’s hot.” – Snoop Dogg

Indeed, ma. Indeed. I think we can all relate to this one.

“When they see you in the streets, face to face, are you for real? In confrontation ain’t not conversation. If you feel you’re in violation, any hesitation’ll get you killed” – Eminem

Above we see an example of Mr. Mathers using “the streets” as an analogy for the waiver wire, suggesting hesitating could ultimately kill your opportunity to win a championship.

Five Players to Drop Week 1

(We’ll use 10 team or shallow 12 team leagues as a basis for these suggestions, since they’re the most popular format of Fantasy Football leagues)


Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys


Watching Prescott this preseason, I can’t help but buy in. I too believe he will ultimately find himself as a starting QB both for the Cowboys and Fantasy Football rosters. Week 1, however, showed me Dak lacks accuracy down field and may not have as much liberty to run as previously thought.

Dak’s running ability suggested he may add an additional 3-4 Fantasy points on the ground each week, along with the occasional rushing TD. The play calling we witnessed in Week 1 suggest the reins may still be on this youngster, unfortunately. I think we all forgot what a poor play caller head coach Jason Garrett is. At least I did.


Running Back

Chris Johnson, Arizona Cardinals


Fantasy Football Twitter had a number of outspoken members who insisted Johnson would be one of the focal points of the Arizona offense. Some even suggested the RB formerly known as CJ2K would even win the starting RB job out of camp.

On Sunday evening, the Cardinals featured David Johnson, David Johnson and more David Johnson.

Just like my best friend’s older sister always says, “I can’t blame anyone for loving Johnson. Just make sure you pick the right one.”


Wide Receiver

Steve Smith Sr., Baltimore Ravens


Steve Smith Sr. is one of my all-time favorite players. This dude is fun to watch and even more fun to listen to. Unfortunately for Fantasy owners, this dude is also 37 years old and coming off of a torn achillies tendon. I would be open to the suggestion that he’s worth a Fantasy roster spot but with Kamar Aiken, Breshad Perriman and Mike Wallace all healthy, are you ever going to feel comfortable starting this old timer?

Dude is a M.I.L.F. MILF.

Middle-aged Injured Lackluster Fade

If anyone knows Mr. Smith, please don’t tell him I said this about him. I’m quite sure he’d track me down.


Tight End

Jimmy Graham, Seattle Seahawks


Jimmy Graham is attempting to return from a torn patellar tendon. Graham was as talented as anyone at his position just several years ago but in the world of elite professional athletes, it’s virtually unheard of to return to form after suffering this particular injury.

Vice Sports did a great write-up for anyone wanting to know more about this injury. You can read it here.

Jared Cook, Green Bay Packers


Jared Cook is a physical marvel. He runs in a straight line better than almost anyone his size. Unfortunately he plays Football, not race middle schoolers at recess.

Players to Drop, Honorable Mention

(Meaning, hang onto them for now but another poor performance or two and they’re getting the axe!)

Jay Ajayi, Miami Dolphins

Buck Allen, Baltimore Ravens


Be sure and check out the Waiver Wire to replace these players you just dropped.


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