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There are life hacks, so why can’t there be Fantasy Football hacks for your 2015 leagues?

Instead of regurgitating what writers and analysts are saying, we wanted to see the debates raging in the Fantasy Football community from regular players and NFL fans. Most of us won’t play in leagues with experts so knowing their beliefs and biases won’t help you win your specific league. Instead, we took to the web to get the news straight from the horses mouth.

Over the years, I found one of the best ways to get into the brains of other players is to watch what people say in mock drafts. It’s amazing how players not only give away their draft strategies and styles, but there are players who treat anyone who answers their questions as Fantasy masterminds. If people are willingly explaining their reasoning behind every single pick and other players are agreeing with their reasoning, use that information to your advantage n your own leagues.

With Twitter, Facebook and Redditt, Fantasy Football players have first-hand research for their 2015 leagues. We obviously can’t guarantee that every single player in your league will share these views, but there is a good chance that they are on the same wave length with the majority.

The “So-Called Fantasy Experts” will narrow down some of the most important battles and key questions to help you prepare to dominate your league. We are looking to highlight questions around position battles and find players that Fantasy enthusiasts are either overvaluing or undervaluing.

Hacking Fantasy Football: Joique Bell vs. Ameer Abdullah

Without Reggie Bush playing at full capacity, the Lions relied on a mix of Theo Riddick in the passing attack and Bell as a dual-threat playmaker to move the chains. Abdullah now enters the mix as a very intriguing option.

He finished his senior year at Nebraska with 1,611 rushing yards, 19 rushing touchdowns, 269 receiving yards and three receiving touchdowns. He also was involved with punt returns as a freshman and sophomore and returned 14 kickoffs in 2014. Even though he only posted a 4.60 40-yard dash time, Abdullah still showcased his athletic abilities  as a top performer in the vertical jump, broad jump, three cone drill and both shuttles.

Can the rookie edge out the 28-year old Bell or will he fail to reach relevancy in his first year?

Reddit Reactions: Who Finishes with a Better Fantasy Season?

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Though it is a smaller sample size, it appears that players are leaning towards Bell. According to, Bell is going in Round 4 and Abdullah is a late pick in Round 9.

With the uncertainty in the Lions’ backfield and Fantasy players acknowledging that Abdullah could carve out an important role in the offense is it really worth drafting Bell in Round 4? Our own Bob Lung has showcased that Bell has been one of the more consistent backs in terms of Fantasy production the past several years and he does have the advantage of experience with the Lion’s playbook.

Still, Bell will enter the season as a 29-year old back who had surgeries to clean up issues with his knee and Achilles’. I think he can be productive, but I don’t like having to pay a pick in Round 4 to find out. For running backs going in that round, I would much rather take a risk on Melvin Gordon or grab Andre Ellington, who is severely undervalued in my humble opinion. Even if Abdullah doesn’t work out, you still only committed a ninth-round pick and you probably aren’t relying on him the same way you are with Bell.

Fantasy players understand that it’s a tricky circumstance to predict, but the ADP data shows a huge favoring of Bell.

Check back with the “So-Called Fantasy Experts” each week for hacking Fantasy Football tips!

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