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This podcast was supposed to be titled “Hitting Our Stride” but at the last minute my guest got caught at work.

Don’t you hate when real life gets in the way of Fantasy Baseball? If nothing else we are adaptable here at “So-Called Fantasy Experts” so I rolled with it and did the podcast solo. Have no fear loyal fans, you’ll still get all the analysis you’ve become accustomed to.

The plan was to talk about the state of hitters after a third of the season. Instead of talking to some other expert I just talked to myself, the expert. This is just begging for a Fight Club joke but I will resist. Low hanging fruit and all.

It’s a Hitters World

The obvious hitter to start off talking about is Bryce Harper. He’s already surpassed his production from last year and has made the Bryce Harper/Mike Trout debate a viable one. With these two being so good this early in their careers they’re going to be linked for a long time. I also take a look at some other notable power hitters and what they did when they were 22.

I give my take on some of this season’s suprise players and if I think they’ll keep it up. Can you count on Justin Upton’s steals or Josh Reddick’s average? What about Dexter Fowler being a useful player? Stephen Vogt a superstar? I answer it all. And what about trading them? As with any trade it’s all about who you get back.

At this point in the season you might not know what your best aspect of your team will be but you probably know what you’re missing. Steals? Saves? Power? Now might be the time to go out and get it. The guys I’ve been trying to buy on the cheap? Alex Gordon and Marcell Ozuna. Who else is worth looking at? Neil Walker and Yunel Escobar.

If you’re really lucky you might find a manager who’s had enough of the Anthony Rendon injury saga. I think you may want to go after him. It has been a very long saga since this is how he apparently got hurt.

On top of all of that player talk I discuss some possible podcast names. Home Run The Jewels anyone? All that and more on the first one man episode of the SCFE Fantasy Baseball Podcast!

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