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We are back with another episode of the newly named Home Run the Jewels Podcast from “So-Called Fantasy Experts”. Major league teams seem to be calling up every prospect they can get their hands on so I called in the only guy who could make sense of all this, Stefan Zonia.

Yes the one and only Stefan Zonia who told everyone to go out and get Eduardo Rodriguez of the Red Sox more than a month ago. He obviously can see the future so I asked him which prospects he’s stashing and which guys we should go out and all pick up.

Corey Seager and Steven Matz are the next names on the list and probably have their bags packed in case they get the call. It could happen any day now so if they’re still, by some miracle available in your leagues go get them right now.

I said RIGHT NOW. It’s ok go log into your fantasy team now I’ll wait.

While looking into the minors for prospects is fun, being able to own them in a league and have them produce actual stats for your team is even more fun. Stefan and I go through the top guys who’ve entered the majors in the last two weeks and project out what type of season they might have. Carlos Correa looks to be a stud SS player from here on out while his fellow top prospects Byron Buxton and Francisco Lindor might struggle a little bit more this season. And Chi Chi Gonzalez? A great name but you’re going to want to sell high.

One of the guys we are most interested in is Kyle Schwarber. He’s a bonafide hitter but isn’t great at actually playing catcher. He also seems to be great at hitting major league pitching as he blasted a home run that threw Stefan completely off his train of thought. Too bad Schwarber is going back to the minors.

We’ve got that prospect analysis and more on this episode of the Home Run The Jewels Fantasy Baseball Podcast!

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