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Welcome to the Home Run The Jewels Podcast! I told you we were looking to rename our Fantasy Baseball podcast here at “S0-Called Fantasy Experts”. While the last name was good it was a bit long. Either way you’re still getting the best fantasy baseball advice anywhere on the net. We’re firing out info at the same rate Bryce Harper is launching home runs.

Last week you may recall my one man show. My guest got pulled away at the last moment so I figured why not bring him back in and ask him the exact same questions I had originally planned by just one week later? Luckily Dan Domenick could make it this week.

With start with the power hitters since that’s the cornerstone most managers build their teams around. Of course this season power hitters want to steal bases and base stealers want to hit home runs. Chicks do dig the long ball. But guys like Anthony Rizzo, Paul Goldschmidt and Justin Upton all are stealing bases like they were born to do it. Goldschmidt is on pace to approach a 40 home run, 20 steal season which would be one for the record books. Oh and hit .330 too. Rizzo has the mad scientist Joe Maddon as his manager and he likes his players to take any base they can get. And Justin Upton? He’s only 27(!) which is amazing considering he’s played in 9 seasons. I think we might see some crazy stats lines at the end of this year.

Meanwhile guys like AJ Pollack are batting clean up and twins Steven Souza & Joc Pederson are blasting 400 ft home runs every other game. What’s that? Mark Trumbo has been traded? Looks like Pollack may be moving back to the 2 hole. And Souza and Pederson are bound for some HR/FB regression? You don’t say. Looks like he power hitting speedsters might be flaming out soon.

Of course we have to talk about the newest call up, Joey Gallo and his childhood teammate Bryce Harper. What a little league team that must have been.

All that and more on this edition of the newly minted Home Run The Jewels Podcast!

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