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Time changes everything.

I won’t get all philosophical on you talking about the “sins of the past.” I won’t talk science and  how we were all once simply a bunch of amoebas. But the simple truth is that what was true back when school got out is now not necessarily the case as school has started again. We could talk about weather or politics for example, but I think we’d both prefer a discussion of how it applies to Fantasy Football.

Consider this an amuse-bouche of my “Balling and Falling” column (name under development) coming to your Fantasy Football table this season.

The temptation originally was to do this for every team. But do you really care, if for example, I liked Bruce Ellington before and now that he’s on the IR, I don’t? Some of you probably don’t even know who I’m talking about and that’s exactly the point.

Thus, I’m focusing on teams/players where the change was dramatic. Yes, I still love Donte Moncrief more than I probably should, but that hasn’t changed. So he’s not on here. Don’t assume if a team or a player is missing I don’t like them or they don’t have Fantasy value. It just means the change over time is unworthy of mention. Time changes everything….just ask the dinosaurs.

Time Changes Everything

RB Handcuffs Change over Time

Speaking of large lumbering beings, one of the first things that has changed dramatically is my perspective on some of the backfield situations I detailed in my handcuffing article.

So, full disclosure first—in my “primary league,”  I got caught price-enforcing on Matt Forte. I think I got a good value, but I am now stuck with Matt Forte as my RB2. But now I think Bilal Powell could be Danny Woodhead this year, being a PPR beast. So I’d like to change that first and foremost.

I also said that Alfred Blue and Jonathan Grimes are not worth handcuffing Miller. I stick with that, but I think this kid Tyler Ervin could be something special given the opportunity, so those of you in keeper leagues looking for a late round handcuff should grab him.

Also, if I’m going to grab a handcuff in Seattle, it is definitely Christine Michael. Yes, he’s burned me before. And before that. And before that. Yet I couldn’t resist and I still grabbed more shares of Christine Michael than my brain says it should. But if he finally meets his potential, that would be a sweet, sweet salve on my charred body. Who else has lit my fire?

More RB Changes over Time

While I know I’m not alone on this, I really like Derrick Henry and if there is one player who I think pulls a David Johnson (explodes the last quarter of the season), he’s it. Unfortunately, he might be the player I like most who is on very few of my teams.

One player who does seem to be on a bunch of my teams surprisingly is TJ Yeldon. If he gets 15 touches a game while Chris Ivory is healthy, I’ll be ecstatic. However, I think the Jacksonville defense will be much better this year. Therefore, the Jacksonville offense will be much more balanced. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yeldon is one of the better backs stuck in a timeshare.

Finally at RB, while I like Ryan Mathews, the truth is he has played 16 games once in his seven year career. One of my leaguemates, Joe, died last season just a few weeks into the season. But one of the last things he mentioned to me was how the Eagles got a steal in Kenjon Barner. Maybe I miss Joe, but something tells me he is going to be looking down this season, smiling, saying “I told you man!”


WR Battles Change in Time

Speaking of losses, let’s talk about some WR battles. First off, I know in the Zero WR Theory series, I chose Kelvin Benjamin as my lead WR. I certainly would not do that now. In fact, I think Devin Funchess outplays him this year and even if he doesn’t, I feel 100% confident that his value exceeds Benjamin’s.

I also really like Tyler Boyd. Boyd has been getting plenty of attention, but you know who else I like that I haven’t talked about who is very under the radar? Marquis Lee. Lee has been limited by injuries his first two seasons, but has been receiving praise from Gus Bradley this summer. If Allen Hurns, who if you notice has stats that often match his match-up, gets injured like I suspect he will, Lee will be the first pick-up recommendation I make. Put him on your radar.

He’s not under the radar, but you know who might be underrated? Jarvis Landry. I had a few shares of Landry coming into the season and I was terrified of DeVante Paker. Now, not so much. I also grabbed Steve Smith Sr. in our experts league, and while the other three WRs on the team feel like they’re part of a three card monty game, Smith is the King.

Let’s stay with AFC North receivers; you know who has me intrigued? Terrelle Pryor. Someone else has to catch passes beside Corey Coleman  and before Josh Gordon gets back. Why not Pryor? There are worse prayers that could be answered….

If Time is Money, Aren’t They Both Green?

The whole Ladarius Green deal is just too much of a quagmire. Best case scenario is that he’ll be back in a few weeks. Worst case scenario is his career is over. I liked him months ago, but there is no player who has dropped more in my rankings in the last two months. But, you know what TE does intrigue me? Virgil Green. He could be a very sneaky TE pick, especially as a TE2.


Meanwhile, every week I felt like I moved Austin Sefarious-Jenkins. Two rounds down, one round up, three rounds down….well the bungee chord has stopped. And let’s just say that if it snaps, I’m not the one plummeting to my death.

But I do seem to have tied my rope to Antonio Gates a lot this season. I’m completely okay with that, but I think it reflects how little I now think about some of the other options at TE. Speaking of options, especially ones that might be on the waiver wire…


And now for the Rolex of Time Changes…

And finally, we get to QB. I loved Dak Prescott over a month ago. I still like him, but I liked him much more at his price then than I do now.  If he costs you a waiver move, he’s worth it. But if you were spending a 10th round pick on him, I don’t think your season is going to be very rosy.

One player whose season I think will be rosy is Jameis Winston. I really liked him to be a Top 20 QB this year and now I like him to be a QB1. You realize he passed for over 4,000 yards last season right? You know how many rookies have done that? Two. That’s rareified air. Does anything make you think he won’t improve this year? I like him, but only time will tell if I’m right….

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