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You’ve spent all summer preparing for your league’s draft, so what can our 57 last-minute Fantasy Football draft tips possibly offer you!?! Well, these aren’t meant for you to completely change your cheat sheets around.

They’re a mix of interesting points about specific players, about entire positions, about draft strategy, about Fantasy Football history, and about dealing with the other owners in your league.

These last-minute Fantasy Football tips are meant to give you an edge before you step into your drafts. You have already solidified your opinions on hundreds of players, and these tips should either help confirm your belief in a player, or help you understand owner psychology.

We say that they are “amazingly annoying” because you have to work to get each tip. We put them in a slideshow, which means you have to click your way through. We promise that the slideshow works quickly, though, and you won’t be waiting for each tip, but it’s still amazingly annoying – just like my brother!

The So-Called Fantasy Football writers came up with this insane list of Fantasy thoughts to help you win your leagues. Our thanks goes out to Michael Tomlin @Tomlin3, John LaPresto @TheJohnLaPresto, Mark Strausberg and Joe Bond @FantasySixPack. Please follow them – and ask for more tips!

57 Last-Minute Fantasy Football Draft Tips For 2016 Drafts

These tips could be the difference between you barely making the Fantasy playoffs – or earning a first-round bye! Enjoy!

Of course, the best Fantasy tip we could give you is to use the Draft Wizard Draft Assistant, which is easily the best Fantasy draft tool on the web — with no one even close.

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Injury-Risks Have Great Value Later On

Compile a list of players who are injury risks, but if they play, they will likely produce big. Write down and sort them according to what round their likely production exceeds their risk. Keep that sheet handy throughout the draft!

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Injury-Risks Have Great Value Later On

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