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There are three weeks left to prepare for the 2015 Fantasy Football playoffs. Three weeks to get your team to where it needs to be.

The waiver wire is the Island of Misfit Toys right now. You do a quick scan and don’t see anyone you want. Trades are either wrapping up or completely finished. This isn’t an easy time of the year to find studs, but that’s exactly the problem. You shouldn’t be looking for studs.

Right now, your main goal should be to build depth in case something happened to your starters. It’s nice that LeSean McCoy has started providing Fantasy value to his owners, but what happens if he goes down with another injury? Will you have to rely on Dexter McCluster to fill his role?

Part of building depth also means it’s time to clean your roster of players who simply aren’t performing. This isn’t the time to expect Peyton Manning to turn things around and become a Fantasy stud. It’s time to get real.

Of course, adding depth and building a better Fantasy Football roster is a lot easier said then done. I’ll give you a few players I would target to add depth, but I’ll also provide a few examples of how you can find opportunities in the future. Let’s dive right in to the tips for your 2015 Fantasy Football playoffs.

2015 Fantasy Football Playoff Tips


Remove Fantasy Duds Before the 2015 Fantasy Football Playoffs

In the beginning of the season, I always talk a lot about hedging your bets. That means you would have done something like drafting Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. Even though Coleman didn’t work out, you made out like a bandit drafting Freeman.

But, things aren’t always going to work out so perfectly…

One of the ways I was trying to hedge my bets in the beginning of the 2015 Fantasy Football season was by drafting Kenny Britt and Brian Quick. In the first four games of 2014, Quick averaged 80.5 receiving yards per game and scored three touchdowns within that time frame. He was also a strong PPR option, hauling in roughly five catches a game in his first four games of 2014. He disappeared after that, but that was because of the inconsistent play at quarterback.

Before the start of the 2015 Fantasy Football season, Nick Foles seemed like an upgrade over Austin Davis and Shaun Hill. Even if it took Quick a few weeks to get over his shoulder injury from 2014, he would at least have a much more consistent quarterback throwing him the ball. Until Quick returned, it seemed logical that Britt would lead the team in receiving yards like he did in 2014.

With only a few weeks left until the 2015 Fantasy Football playoffs, Quick is averaging 2.8 receiving yards per game. Britt is averaging 38.9 and has one touchdown on the year.

It would have been nice if Quick worked out, especially since he was drafted past Round 10 in a lot of leagues and would make you look smart for selecting him so late. He hasn’t worked out, however, and it’s definitely time to cut your loses if you haven’t already. Don’t be embarrassed that he didn’t work out, and don’t let your pride make you feel like you have to go down with a sinking ship.

There are plenty of other players who haven’t worked out in Fantasy that you may still be holding on to or even still starting: Nelson Agholor, Anquan Boldin, Torrey Smith, Golden Tate, Rashad Jennings, Ameer Abdullah and C.J. Spiller are just a few guys who come to mind.

If you can’t see yourself using any of your players on a weekly basis, it’s time to cut the dead weight and add some useful depth to your Fantasy roster.

Before the 2015 Fantasy Football Playoffs, Add Depth

It’s possible to draft a team, not make any moves on the waiver wire and still reach the playoffs. But, you probably aren’t going to win a 2015 Fantasy Football championship that way.

When you add depth, you’re looking for a player who is actively involved in an offense from week-to-week.That’s the reason I brought up Quick. In his last game, he only had one catch for a negative gain of yards! Also, backups who are going to see an increased role because of an injury should be on your radar.

This is mainly for PPR players, but one of the most under-appreciated receivers in Fantasy right now is Jamison Crowder. Since Week 3, Crowder has averaged six receptions per game. Even if he doesn’t score a touchdown or only records 30 receiving yards, that makes his floor very safe. I know that DeSean Jackson returning could change his production, but Crowder was still targeted eight times by Kirk Cousins when Jackson was in the lineup in Week 9. You never know if Jackson might face another setback, and Jordan Reed hasn’t exactly been known for his ability to stay healthy.

If anything were to happen to your starting receivers, you could at least plug Crowder in and know he’s going to get you through a week. He may not put up Julio Jones-type numbers, but he’s not going to give you a fat goose egg either.

Adding depth at running back can be a little trickier at this point of the season, but there are still ways to do it. James White and Brandon Bolden are both probably scooped up by now, but if they aren’t for some reason, drop any under performing players you haven’t used on your bench for them now.

Karlos Williams saw a massive drop off in ownership a few weeks ago, and I told Fantasy players this was a great opportunity to add him for depth for the Fantasy playoffs. You can read the article to see all the specific reasons why I liked Williams, but he’s already seeing an almost 30-percent increase in ownership, according to ESPN’s Most Added/Dropped List.

If you missed the boat on Williams and the backup running backs for the New England Patriots, there are still a few more opportunities out there.

Everyone knows Alfred Morris isn’t a dual-threat back, and Matt Jones wasn’t the biggest pass-catching back coming out of college. Chris Thompson, however, is on track to finish the 2015 Fantasy Football season with 390.4 receiving yards. Since Week 3, Thompson has averaged five receptions per game. He probably isn’t going to make his way into your starting lineup anytime soon, but he could serve as a filler for a player on a bye or if one of your main backs went down with an injury.

Another running back I would recommend adding now is Jay Ajayi. The rookie saw his first snaps in Week 9, and head coach Dan Campbell stated that the rookie could see a lot more involvement ahead. As a bigger back than Lamar Miller, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine that Ajayi starts seeing more touches when the offense for the Miami Dolphins is near the red zone. It’s speculative how much work he will really see, but he’s one of the best options that is most likely still available on your waiver wire.

Bottom Line for the 2015 Fantasy Football Playoffs

Preparing your team for a playoff run basically boils down to dropping the duds and adding depth.

That may sound overly simplified, but it’s time to get real with your roster. We all make bad calls at the start of the season. We’re human. While stats and projections help tell us what could happen, past performance is never indicative of what will happen in the future.

You have to adapt to how the season plays out and jump on opportunities as soon as one is presented. I picked up Pierre Thomas on a few of my teams when he signed with the San Francisco 49ers. He’s already cut and working out for the Patriots.

Before your Fantasy playoffs start, take a good, long look at your team. If any of your regular starters went down with an injury, do you feel confident your backups can get you through Weeks 14-16? What do the schedules look like for your starters?

Thanks for checking out the article. If you have any questions about your team and the 2015 Fantasy Football playoffs, make sure to hit us up on Twitter at @SocalledFanEx.

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