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Mixed League Top 30 Catcher Rankings

Catcher rankings

Historically, the dearth of decent hitters has made filling out your catcher rankings a chore. In 2015 that is not the case. I can go down the catcher rankings all the way to about No. 15 and be pretty satisfied with that option as my top catcher. Even after that there are some lower level backstops who can add some power.

The depth is compounded by the top options not really out-producing the rest of the field. I see Buster Posey and Jonathan Lucroy as the clear-cut cream of the crop, but the nature of the catcher position limits how much better their numbers are than the next tier. It’s just a fact that the best you’re going to see out of any catcher is around 20 HRs and 75-80 RBIs.

All these factors lead me to believe that reaching for any one catcher is not wise. Yeah, Posey is a nice way to fill one of your catcher slots, but waiting for a Brian McCann or taking a shot on an up-and-comer like Travis d’Arnaud could get you Posey-lite numbers and allow you to grab another hitter who might put up some triple-digit counting stats.

With that caveat in place, here are my catcher rankings for the coming season, along with a few notes about each catcher.


2015 Mixed League Catcher Rankings

Rnk Catcher Notes
1 Buster Posey More time away from catcher would help his numbers even more.
2 Jonathan Lucroy Same as Posey and the Brewers already have plans for him to play more 1st Base.
3 Salvador Perez BABIP says the AVG will rebound and his playing time means counting stats.
4 Yan Gomes Loses value in OBP leagues, but this hacker is the real deal.
5 Wilin Rosario #5 rank assumes he stays in Colorado and starts… be ready to move him down!
6 Matt Wieters Was breaking out before TJ, be patient and you will be rewarded.
7 Evan Gattis More PT means more power, which will make up for AVG regression.
8 Brian McCann -.046 BABIP Differential says he’ll bounce back and I’m buying in… a little.
9 Devin Mesoraco Speaking of BABIP, his was +.061, power will be there, but with a .240-ish AVG
10 Yadier Molina Could surprise me and bounce back, but I just some empty average and veteran leadership.
11 Wilson Ramos If only he could stay healthy… If only I was Mike Trout.
12 Travis d’Arnaud I like him as a sleeper. So does everyone else. He’s probably not a sleeper.
13 Yasmani Grandal There’s power here and if his AVG can get over .250 he could move up.
14 Jason Castro He may never do it again, but people don’t realize how good he was in 2013.
15 Mike Zunino Just hit .250 Mike.
16 Miguel Montero Peripherals show no decline, but my gut does,
17 Russell Martin AVGs last 4 years: .237, .211, .226, .290 – Which one doesn’t look like the others?
18 Derek Norris BABIP pushed AVG up, his LD% was actually down along with power.
19 Nick Hundley If he starts in Colorado he could pop 20+ HRs
20 John Jaso Will DH some and catch some, better than full-time catcher with bad bat
21 Carlos Ruiz He doesn’t completely suck… yet.
22 Kurt Suzuki Another BABIP influenced AVG with no power
23 Dioner Navarro A larger role would move him up quite a bit.
24 Jarrod Saltalamacchia Power, but issues with AVG and staying on the field. Could be of use.
25 Robinson Chirinos I actually think there’s a bit of upside here, just don’t rely on it.
26 Chris Iannetta Somehow I thought he was taller… and had more power.
27 Tyler Flowers Needed +.083 BABIP Differential to hit .241, Can you say sub-.220?
28 A.J. Pierzynski Again rather have part-timer with decent bat than a full-time AVG drag.
29 Francisco Cervelli Could be underestimating Cervelli’s ability to hit for a decent average… Could be.
30 Rene Rivera Possibly some cheap power, or maybe a big zero.

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