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This was a relatively low scoring week in the NFL. We only saw six teams score 30 points or more and we saw 14 teams score 20 points or less. There was also not a single player in standard leagues that scored 30 points in Fantasy Football.

This was really surprising, given some of the match ups we had this week. In fact, it was the bad  match ups where we had a lot of our scoring come from, which was the most surprising thing this week.

It comes down to a couple of teams really struggling on offense.

One is the Green Bay Packers. 16 points is a travesty against a mediocre Lions defense. I’m really worried about this offense going forward.

A second team was the Cowboys. Now we didn’t expect a ton of offense from the Cowboys with Matt Cassell still under center, but more than 10 points against the Buccaneers was expected, especially with a healthier Dez Bryant.

Monday Morning Hangover

There were definitely more teams that disappointed, but it is time to move on to the rest of the Monday Morning Hangover.

Jeremy Langford Playing Strong

I don’t think anybody could have expected Langford to play this well when Matt Forte went down two weeks ago.

In those two weeks since Forte went down, Langford has rushed for 145 yards, two touchdowns and also added 179 receiving yards and a touchdown.

Forte is expected back soon, even as early as next week, but I don’t think there is any way the Bears rush him back if he isn’t 100-percent now that Langford has proven he can get the job done. Even if Forte does come back, I think Langford is still involved. He has more than earned it. Something to think about for you Forte owners.


Backup Tight Ends Steal the Show

Zach Miller, Brent Celek, Justin Perillo, Ed Dickson, Rhett Ellison, Scott Chandler and Brandon Pettigrew. That is a list of the backup or second string tight ends that scored this week. And when I say scored, I mean got in the end zone, geez get your head out of the gutter.

I understand that a few of these guys scoring is not out of the norm, but seven is pretty ridiculous.

On top of that, Zach Miller and Brent Celek both had stellar receiving games too, reaching the 100 yard mark each, which just adds to the unsuspecting good day for this tier of tight ends.


Last Second Field Goals

There were three last second finishes this week in the NFL and I can’t lie, it was incredible to watch. It made for one of the more exciting weekends of the NFL that I can remember.

One of them was the game between Jacksonville and Baltimore and this was easily the most crazy finish of them all. If you didn’t see it, the Jags lost this game. Time expired on them and Blake Bortles did not even get the pass off on the last offensive play. Oh but wait (there’s more! Sorry I really wanted to say that), there was a flag. Face mask on the defense.

The 15 yard penalty put the Jags in field goal range and even though there was 0:00 on the clock, the game cannot end on a defensive penalty. The Jags kicker nailed the field goal and instead of losing 19-20, they won 22-20. Shocking Ravens fans everywhere, including my wife who just sat on the couch in shock.

The Green Bay and Detroit game seemed like it was over when the Packers did not convert on a 2-point conversion that would have tied the game with just over a minute left. A recovered onside kick changed all that. Aaron Rodgers, who struggled all game got them into field goal range, but Mason Crosby horribly missed the long field goal. The Packers lost 16-18. Not exactly the high scoring game we thought it would be.

The New York Giants almost closed the book on the Patriots undefeated season, again. The Giants were up with 1:47 left, but that left plenty of time for Tom Brady to operate. Instead of losing in the last few seconds to the Giants once again, the Patriots were able to kick a last second field goal to win the game.


The Saints Defense Is Truly Awful

I knew they were bad, but wow! You just let the Redskins put up 47 points on you.

Now I get the lovely opportunity to root for and watch the Redskins every Sunday (there is a lot of sarcasm in that statement), but never, not once this season did I think I was going to see the Redskins offense look as good as they did this week.

Every time I looked up it seemed like they were gaining at least 20 yards. I was high on Kirk Cousins this week, but not this high. He wound up being the best Fantasy quarterback. Just insane.

It was so bad for the Saints that the Skins had almost 400 yards of offense in the first half and were able to pull Captain Kirk in the fourth quarter due to the game being such a blowout.

I must tell you, I’m currently writing this while on a plane to New Orleans. There are a lot of people dressed in Saints garb. It’s a somber flight.


Patriots Losing Too Many Weapons?

Last week we saw Dion Lewis go down with a season ending injury and now this week we saw Julian Edelman go down in the first half with a foot injury.

It is bad news for Edelman, too. He broke his foot and it is being called a “true Jones fracture.” This is the same injury that cost Dez Bryant six weeks this season. However, we all know this injury can cost players a lot longer than that.

I think Fantasy owners are going to have to move on without him. An immediate player to pick up is Danny Amendola, who is a great replacement for Edelman. But just remember that he is only that, a replacement. He will not be able to replicate what Edelman has been able to do.


A Sprained Foot Will Not Stop Big Ben

We all thought we were going to be without was Ben Roethisburger, at least for a week, if not more. Well he was progressing faster than we all expected and was actually active.

Of course he did not start, but was the backup for Landry Jones. Well what do ya know? Jones was injured bad enough in the first quarter and in came Big Ben.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from Ben. He did not disappoint, though, throwing for 379 yards and three touchdowns. Pretty amazing for a guy who was not 100-percent healthy and not even expected to play this week.

I heard a stat during the game that 0.1-percent of players on Draft Kings played Big Ben. Honestly, I don’t know why you would ever think playing a backup quarterback was a good idea and I’m guessing they are people who did not know he was injured (they have to be right?), but that worked out really well for them.

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