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I feel like I’m back! I had a successful week in Fantasy Football for the first time since Week 1 this season. I gotta tell ya, it feels good to be in the winning side of things again.

Anyway enough about me. Let’s get to this past week in the NFL.

We had a lot of high scoring games and where that is not unusual, the more unusual part was the fact that the players that were supposed to score a lot of points, did (mostly). I’m talking guys like DeAndre Hopkins, Andrew Luck, Devonta Freeman, Emmanuel Sanders, I could go on and on with mentioning A-list players.

However one A-list player that is still not doing so great is Peyton Manning. I own him in one league and I was dreading having to start him this week because my “backup” Tyrod Taylor was injured. He once again laid an egg and put up nine standard Fantasy points according to ESPN. That is now four weeks of single digit Fantasy scoring for Peyton. He also has thrown 10 interceptions to just seven touchdowns. Weird to say, but it is time to drop Peyton Manning if you still own him. At this point I’m more willing to own Blake Bortles.

Below I will be going through my six pack of topics for the Monday Morning Hangover, but I must say as James Taylor said, “I’ve got Carolina on My Mind”.

Monday Morning Hangover

1. Panthers Turning Heads

I want to give some love to a team that is not getting a lot of attention. That is the Carolina Panthers. They went to Seattle and did what a lot of teams can’t say, that is beat the Seahawks in Seattle.

They are now a shocking 5-0 this season, which is surprising everybody after the loss of Kelvin Benjamin. Most of us thought Carolina was doomed this season with Ted Ginn Jr. as their best receiver, or whoever it winds up being from week to week.

The Panthers are not doing it with Fantasy Football superstars either, with the exception of Greg Olsen and sometimes Cam Newton. They are doing it with defense and just flat out, outplaying their competition.

I honestly don’t know how much longer this will last, but enjoy it Carolina fans. You have a much tougher road ahead with Philly, Green Bay and Indy as your next three on the schedule.

2. Arizona Running Backs

The running back situation in Arizona is not going quite as planned. Andre Ellington was supposed to be the go to guy here to begin the season and even after he returned from his injury be the change of pace back, but things have changed quickly.

Ellington was only on the field for nine offensive snaps this past week. Compare that to David Johnson who got 23 and Chris Johnson who saw 39 and there is serious concern for Ellington’s future in Arizona.

Now he touched the ball only one less time than David Johnson, but that still was just a total of three times.

At this point I would not be opposed to dropping Ellington in all shallower league formats. He just is not getting the ball, no matter how talented he is.

3. So About Those Chief Running Backs

So much for the wild wild West show. You see what I did there?

Anyway the Chiefs running game, well entire offense really, was quite non-existent on Sunday. They totaled just 47 rushing yards on 16 carries.

Simply not good. And to think, this was against a Vikings defense that had given up some pretty point totals twice already this season. Once to Hyde and the 49ers and once to the running back duo in Denver.

It is fair to say the excitement over Charcandrick West is going to diminish at this point and Knile Davis won’t get much love either. Hopefully you have other capable backs to fill in for either of them and you didn’t actually spend two-thirds of your FAAB budget to get them.

4. The Jets Offense Legit

Yes, that’s right, I said it. The Jets offense is legit.

Chris Ivory is going to be a top-10 back for the foreseeable future, if not top-5. Brandon Marshall is a legit WR1 and Eric Decker is going to be a WR2 at worst WR3 each week.

That is crazy to think, considering where you were able to get these guys in your drafts this season. Ivory went in the 5th/6th round, Marshall about the same and Decker was a 9th round pick. It just goes to show you that you can’t just dismiss a player because of the name on the jersey, which I think a lot of us were doing in August. I know I’m guilty as charged.

5. What in the World Were the Colts Thinking?

Umm there really is not much to say here. I’m completely dumbfounded by what the Colts were thinking here.

If you missed it. The Colts lined up for a fake punt. In doing so, they lined up Colt Anderson directly under center. Oh and the center was the only person on the offensive line, which wasn’t even an offensive lineman. Snapping the ball was WR Whalen Griffin. Everybody else was lined up all the way to the right. Of course the Patriots put two guys right over the center and a split second after the snap, Anderson was tackled (insert smack face emoji).

This was easily the dumbest play I have ever seen. Trust me if you didn’t see it look it up. You’ll laugh.

6. Welcome Back Miami

Now this is the Miami Dolphins we were all expecting to see, especially on defense.

They put a drubbing on the Titans, 38-10, looking good on both sides of the ball.

Lamar Miller returned to glory finally with a 113 yard and a touchdown game, which is a much needed performance for his owners.

The defense is the biggest story of the day though. They came into the game with just one sack on the season and walked out of there with seven. For those of you who are not good at math, that’s six sacks. They also has two fumble recoveries, two interceptions and a touchdown.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for the Dolphins and we can start to trust them for Fantasy again.

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