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Week 7 is just about over and a lot of us woke up on Sunday to yet another London game already underway. I think we all know how I feel about these games, especially from a Fantasy Football stance, so I won’t bore you with that. However, surprisingly this game was a good one, despite the teams involved.

The Jaguars took a huge early lead and it looked over. Then the Bills were able to come back and even take the lead with just over five minutes to go, but the Jags would answer and wind up winning the game. Pretty exciting stuff.

The most shocking part of this game was how fantasy friendly it was. With the score of the game being 34-31, we had plenty of scoring. A lot of that for Jacksonville was on defense, with them scoring two touchdowns. But you can forget about T.J. Yeldon, who had his best game as a pro, scoring his first two rushing touchdowns. There were other good fantasy performances, but let’s move on.

Another game that shocked us all was the Redskins and Buccaneers. This was one the weeks most entertaining games, with the Redskins coming back from a 24 point deficit to score with game winning points with just 24 seconds left.

This was one of the lowest over/unders by Vegas this week. Vegas not only got this one wrong, but many others this week. Looks like not even the bookmakers are immune to the wackiness that is the 2015 NFL season.

Monday Morning Hangover

1. What Did the Dolphins Eat For Breakfast?

Last week I wrote about just how much better the Dolphins looked beating up on the Titans 38-10. They gave quite the encore performance this weekend absolutely crushing the Texans 44-26. This was actually a 41-0 game at half time, just to show you how lopsided this game really was.

Lamar Miller led all scorers this week with 175 yards rushing, 61 receiving and two total touchdowns. Oh and by the way this was all in the first half. He did not have a single touch in the second half while the Dolphins went into cruise control.

The Dolphins look like a completely different team after firing Joe Philbin and a lot like the one we all expected coming into the season. Now they have done this against two weaker opponents, so it will be interesting to see how they do against New England this coming week, but at the very least it looks like you can safely roll your dolphins back out again.

2. Arian Foster Done

It is a shame. It feels like we just got Foster back from a groin injury and was finally getting things rolling and now he is done for the year after he tore his achillies.

There really is not much to say about this. It is an obvious blow to the Texans and Fantasy owners. It is also another major injury for the 2015 season, just adding to the already long list of injured players.

If you are a Foster owner. Hopefully you have depth at running back, because honestly the combination of Chris Polk and Alfred Blue do not excite me one bit. Although if I have to choose one to own right now it is Chris Polk since he has received more work with Foster healthy than Blue has.

3. Todd Gurley Actually Getting Better.

Is Todd Gurley the best running back in the NFL?

I’m serious. I actually think this is a legit question to ask.

In the three games Gurley has played this season (no I’m not counting his first game in Week 3 when he only saw six carries) Gurley has 433 total yards.

His latest game this Sunday was his best overall game as a pro, as he rushed for 128 yards and his first two touchdowns.

This guy is just so explosive. On one of his touchdown runs he was running around the edge of the line, looked like was going to get bottled up or forced to stretch it out and just run out of bounds. Instead he made one cut up field to run between a hole in the defense untouched to the endzone. Pretty incredible.

4. Andrew Luck vs. Drew Brees

Last season this would have been a great game on the schedule, especially for Fantasy purposes.

This year we all got excited, but maybe we shouldn’t have been.

Brees was rather pedestrian throwing for 255 and a touchdown and Luck while his numbers were overall better, 336 three touchdowns and two interceptions, lost the game and really did not look great doing it.

Really it was the tale of two halves for Luck who threw his two interceptions in the first half while his team trailed 20-0. Then in the second half he almost led the Colts back as he was able to throw three touchdowns.

T.Y. Hilton owners were probably the most happy from all this as he was the beneficiary of two of those long touchdowns and he finished 150 yards and those two touchdowns.

Looking back though, I’m not feeling great as a Hilton owner, since he only was able to catch four of his 15 targets. Yes the 15 targets are great, but the fact that 11 of those passes were not able to be completed has me worried that things are not exactly right with Luck.

5. Charcandrik West is Alive

Just last week the feeling with West was everybody who bid a large amount of their FAAB or won him off waivers, wasted their time. Oh how a week can change things.

West looked great on Sunday, rushing for 110 yards and a touchdown against the second ranked defense against opposing running backs.

It is clear this is West’s backfield too. Knile Davis saw just one carry and did not catch a single pass. So if you own West, I believe you can safely roll him out the rest of the way, with the exception maybe being the Broncos game. If you own Davis, you might be having to look elsewhere now as that lottery ticket did not win.

6. A Four Headed Backfield!?

Oh come on! Seriously. This is getting a bit ridiculous. We have seen plenty of two-back committees and even three. But four?

The Giants did that to us on Sunday giving touches to four running backs. Shane Vereen, Rashad Jennings, Andre Williams and Orleans Darkwa. Orleans Darkwa! Who?

The undrafted rookie, who was waived by the Dolphins this preseason, actually led the committee with eight rushes and scored.

This is such as mess and makes me want to beat my head against my desk trying to figure out what to do. My gut tells me to run away and not even bother picking up Darkwa, because guessing which of the four will produce each week is near impossible.

I really do miss the days of teams using one main guy and running him til the wheels fell off. This committee business is just insanity at this point.

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