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Week 3 in NFL was one of those weeks that has me get all angry about Fantasy Football and never want to play again. If you can’t guess, I did not fare too well this week.

NFL seemed like it was turned upside down this week when it came to the scoring leaders. I don’t play DFS, but if the winner of the big GPP’s (grand prize pools) this week were to say this was their first choice of lineups, I call BS. I don’t know who was in the winners lineup, but I have a good guess.

If the leaderboard this week wasn’t weird enough, the week as a whole got off to a strange start when the Steelers-Rams start time was delayed when some of the pyrotechnic equipment singed the field. The field catching fire reminds me of my fantasy teams this week, just not in the good way of catching fire.

OK I promise that is the last time you have to hear how bad all my teams are this article, just had to get that out of my system.

Moving onto some on the field action. You know something that I realized was not talked about a lot this week was the return of Le’Veon Bell. He showed immediately why he was still being chosen among the top picks, despite being suspended the first two games scoring 19 standard fantasy points. All the excitement gets turned down a little though with the news that Ben Rothlisberger is out 4-6 weeks with a sprained MCL. It will be up to Michael Vick to keep both Bell and Antonio Brown’s Fantasy value high. I think we all expect them to take a bit of a hit for these weeks, but hopefully talent will win out.

Running Backs, Andre Johnson and Penalties

Here is this weeks’ six pack of topics to help you get over your hangover.

1. The Week of the “Second-Tier” Running Back

Well why not? We have had the week of the tight end and wide receiver, why not the week of the running back. It was even more so the week of the second-tier running back.

I say this because the top players this week were Devonta Freeman, Chris Johnson (yes, that Chris Johnson), Joseph Randle and LeGarrette Blount.

None of these guys were among the top ranked running backs coming into the week. In fact according to Fantasy Pros, Chris Johnson was the No. 36 ranked running back in standard leagues, so I bet he was sitting on the bench in a lot of leagues. He was in mine.

I need to make sure I give props to other lower tier guys such as Karlos Williams, Alfred Blue and Ryan Mathews as well. They produced good weeks and anyone who had to start them benefited.

2. Older Wide Receivers

The older receivers in the NFL are proving both why you can’t trust these guys and why you can.

Andre Johnson and Marques Colston were favorites of mine to bounce back due to their opportunities this season, but at this point are just about droppable in all 10 and 12 team leagues. Roddy White is absolutely droppable, now being held catch-less in two straight games and with reports that Leonard Hankerson and White are their “2 and 2A”.

On the other side of the coin, two guys who are absolutely crushing right now are Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Smith Sr. Fitz now has multiple touchdowns in two straight and Smith has double digit catches and over 150 yards in two straight.

I’m buying more into Fitz than Smith since he plays in a much better offense, but it is nice to see at least some of these older receivers having nice seasons.

3. Colts Are Lucky They Play in the AFC South

The Colts are a bit of a mess right now and one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, Andrew Luck, is not helping things. He now has eight turnovers on the season and five touchdowns. Not exactly what you think you would see from Luck.

He is not getting a lot of help from the rest of his team though, but the fact of it is Luck is not making good decisions, which is ultimately what is leading to all the turnovers.

That said though, the Colts should feel very fortunate they play in the AFC South. Even as bad as they have played, they were still able to knock out division opponent, Tennessee. They now go on to play Jacksonville and Houston, with both of those looking like easy opponents. Even if the Colts don’t do as well as they were originally projected, they should still easily win this division.

4. Bizarro Quarterback World

Photo Credit: Super Shmevan

Photo Credit: Super Shmevan

I told you it was a weird week and it was also that for quarterbacks. In fact I’m going to pull out a Seinfeld reference here and call it “Bizarro Quarterback World”.

Just read this list of all the quarterbacks who are in the top 12; Andy Dalton, Tyrod Taylor, Joe Flacco, Derek Carr, Josh McCown, Eli Manning, Carson Palmer and Marcus Mariota. You could potentially include Cam Newton to that list as well with the lack of weapons he has surrounding him.

Still though that is eight quarterbacks that at the start of the season not a lot of us would have chosen to be in the top 12 in the same week. For some I don’t think we ever expected them to be this good. You can make arguments for Palmer and Eli, but still, they were drafted outside of that in leagues this season which is why I included them.

5. The Return of Kam

I mentioned this in the Week 3 Defense Rankings Reaction article. The Seahawks got Kam Chancelor back after a two week holdout. I thought it would help the Seahawks, but not nearly as much as it seemed to do.

They looked like a completely different defense Sunday, shutting out the Bears, their first shutout since 2013.

I wouldn’t get too excited though, you have to remember the Bears were without Jay Cutler and Alshon Jeffery. Still it is nice to see a dominant performance from these guys after allowing 61 total points in the first two games.

6. Penalties, Penalties and More Penalties

This is going to be me just ranting a bit. The penalties are getting a bit ridiculous and in my opinion ruining the game.

There has been an average of 15.8 penalties per game coming into Week 3, which is the highest average through first two weeks since the 1970 merger (credit Sunday Night Football for that nugget). I don’t have the numbers including Week 3, but I’m sure it did not get any better.

All these flags makes these games almost unwatchable. It slows down the flow of the game too much. Look I know we are trying to protect the players, but at some point we need to just let them play football.

The contact rules downfield against secondaries Is absolutely the worst part. You can’t even breathe on a guy past five yards without getting a flag thrown.

All I can say is I’m really glad I have RedZone at home. That way I don’t have to deal with all the stoppages in play and can just pay more attention to the excitement.


Remember bye weeks start in Week 4. Be sure to come visit us throughout the week to get the news and advice you need to set your lineups.


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