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Welcome to the Monday Morning Hangover. I know I had fun watching the games this weekend and hope you did too.

Besides actually being hungover from a few too many brews on Sunday, many of us Fantasy Football owners we are “hungover” from bad defeats we suffered over the weekend.

Some of these defeats could have been from our own volition by making the wrong start/sit call. Others are because you went against Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

In this column, we will be discussing those types of things, as well as general observations and some lessons learned from the weekend. Think of it as sort of a grab bag of topics from the weekend.

Last thing to know about this column is we will not only be looking back on the weekend that was and reflecting on it. We will also be taking these lessons and applying to the future.

Week 1 Surprises

Oh I also forgot to tell you, I won’t just be talking about Fantasy Football topics, although I will try to relate it back to Fantasy Football somehow. I reserve the right to rant about general news from the NFL. Most of this will be about the surprises we had each week, but this is just one more example of how random this article really can be.

Enough of the intro, let’s get to this six pack of topics (you see what I did there?)

1. Luck and the Colts, who?

Not only because it was the biggest surprise we had of the week 1 surprises, I had to start with this (sorry I’m going to be a bit of a “homer” here). Fellow Virginia Tech alum (go Hokies!), Tyrod Taylor, and the Buffalo Bills beat up on Andrew Luck and the Colts, 27-14. And it was only 14 for the Colts due to a late touchdown pass to Dwayne Allen.

This game was well in hand early in the third quarter when the Bills went up 24-0, shocking us all, or at least most of us.

What am I taking away from this game? Well Buffalo’s defense is legit. They completely shut down Andrew Luck and the Colts offense until it was essentially garbage time. Two, maybe we won’t see the re-birth of Andre Johnson and Frank Gore, who were held to a combined 14 touches and 55 yards. Now this could have just been the Bills defense being dominant, but it is something I’ll be watching going forward. Three, I’m not the least bit worried about Andrew Luck. I did find all the jabs at him on Twitter pretty funny though.

Also even though the Bills and Tyrod played well, I will not be anointing Tyrod Taylor as the next big thing. He was efficient, but that is about it. He still only threw for 195 yards and a touchdown. The fact of it is, this is going to be a predominately run first offense and Tyrod will struggle to put up consistent fantasy points.

2. Tommy Brady is one pissed off man

“Deflate these” – Tom Brady.

Ha, no. He did not really say that, but oh how I wish he had.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Tom Brady fan and I legitimately think he cheated, but you can’t help but think that the performance he had on Thursday night was extremely satisfying.

Brady can thank quite possibly the most un-coverable player in football, Rob Gronkowski, for a lot of his success on Thursday night, catching three of his four touchdowns.

After watching this game, I’m almost ready to say Tom Brady is going to be the No. 1 overall fantasy quarterback if Gronk can stay healthy. They are just that good and unstoppable. A pissed off Brady is never a good thing for his opponents. Do you remember the stretch of games he put together last year after the Kansas City beat down and all the doubts starting coming out? I just hope he gets it out of his system before I have to go against him in my leagues.

3. Who needs Jordy Nelson?

There was a little bit of concern going into the season with Aaron Rodgers after the loss of his favorite receiver Jordy Nelson, but ultimately people realized it was Aaron Rodgers and he would be OK. Immediately Randall Cobb’s value, which was high to begin with, got a boost to automatic WR1 status in Fantasy Football circles.

Then we all looked to see who would take the WR2 and WR3 roles for the Packers. Davante Adams moved into the WR2 role immediately and shot up draft boards for good reason. The WR3 role was up for grabs though and was thought to have been taken by Ty Montgomery. This was until James Jones was released by the Giants and later signed by the Packers, returning to the team he had success with just two years ago.

Jones proved Sunday why he was and still is a favorite target for Rodgers, especially in the redzone, by catching all of his four targets and two of them for touchdowns. He still finished the game with less targets than both Cobb and Adams, so he will be hard to rely on for now, but this is something I will be monitoring to see if he jumps Adams in the pecking order.

4. The Dallas backfield is going to be a committee.

This is all we heard going into Week 1 from all the beat reporters. We also heard the lead back role bounce back and forth between Joseph Randle and Darren McFadden.

Really? It doesn’t look that way to me after Week 1. Randle had 19 touches to, seven for McFadden and a surprising eight for Lance Dunbar, although a lot of those came in the last game winning drive.

I’m not really sure I’m ready to anoint Randle as “the guy” in Dallas, but it definitely will make me put a bit more trust into starting him over the other backs on that team in the coming weeks. Overall I think it is a situation I’m avoiding if I can, since it seems there is not just two, but now three players sharing the workload there.

5. Disappointments

Every week is filled with disappointments, but Week 1 those are magnified 100 times. The reason being is you want to see your star player get off to a good start so you can feel good about your team. It is hard to see your star wide receiver catch just two passes for 39 yards like Calvin Johnson did. For the record I am not worried about Megatron at all.

Other disappointments included. Sammy Watkins (zero catches), Greg Olsen (one catch for 11 yards), Peyton Manning (175 yards, zero touchdowns, one interception) and Frank Gore (31 yards rushing). I know a lot of DFS players are screaming about Olsen today.

I usually don’t worry too much after just one week and you shouldn’t either, but I have to admit I’m worried about two of these players. They are Watkins and Peyton. Watkins because of the offense he is in. I said earlier that this offense is going to focus on the run. When Tyrod does throw, it is going to be “safe” throws, limiting Watkins potential.

Peyton worries me because his arm looked completely shot. So many of his throws were off target and some were thrown into the ground on wide open guys. You have to give credit to the Ravens defense, but at the same time Peyton just looked bad. In the league I have Peyton as my No. 1, I’m picking up a backup this week and I never like to carry two quarterbacks.

6. A Rookie is a rookie is a… wait what!?

Yup rookies will be rookies. They will throw picks. Jameis Winston threw two early on in a blowout loss. They will also do next to nothing on the ground. Melvin Gordon and T.J. Yeldon both finish with 51 yards rushing.

Then there is Marcus Mariota… woah wait a minute, he did what? Mariota shocked everybody by throwing four touchdowns in the first half! He looked really good, poised and it is easy to see the potential with Mariota already.

Now I get the excitement and I’m excited too, but let’s not go overboard here. This was against the Tampa Bay defense and he only threw 16 total passes. I would bet almost any amount of money he does not throw four touchdowns again this season, especially in one half. Don’t go starting him over Peyton Manning next week expecting the same result.

I hope you enjoyed yourself this weekend and learned quite a bit in Week 1. My advice to you overall is don’t overreact going forward after just one Week. Everybody is going to have a disappointing week, theirs just happened to be in Week 1. Move on and trust that they bounce back next week. Also be sure to come back for all your Week 2 advice throughout the week.

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