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The draft season is ramping up over at the National Fantasy Baseball Championship in anticipation to the upcoming live events and average auction values are being consolidated. I participated in the Auction Draft Champions 500 this past Sunday night, which is one on my favorite formats in the preparation process.

These auctions have been tracked and prices calculated over the past six weeks. The market is measuring up in terms of dollar values as the data is defining the landscape. For this exercise lets examine the NFBC Average Auction Values of some of the most highly sought after Fantasy players for 2016.

The allocation of one’s budget is the foundation but forecasting profits start with a sound financial game plan. Here are the Top 15 hitters in terms of cost over eight previous NFBC auctions from January 22 through February 28 and their prices from this Sunday night.

The Fantastic four (Paul Goldschmidt, Bryce Harper, Clayton Kershaw & Mike Trout) in terms of NFBC Average of Draft Position are the only players to sustain an AAV over $40, but Nolan Arenado, Josh Donaldson, Manny Machado and Giancarlo Stanton have reached the $40 plateau with regards to their highest dollar value.


NFBC Average Auction Values; Hitter Edition 

PlayerPositionTeamAverage Auction ValueHighest ($) AmountLowest ($) AmountMarch 6th ($) Amount
Paul Goldschmidt1BARI$43.60$47$40$43
Mike TroutOFLAA$43.00$46$40$43
Bryce HarperOFWAS$41.90$44$39$41
Manny Machado3BBAL$37.50$40$35$37
Nolan Arenado3BCOL$37.10$40$34$37
Josh Donaldson3BTOR$37.00$40$35$37
Carlos CorreaSSHOU$36.30$38$35$39
Giancarlo StantonOFMIA$36.00$40$31$39
Anthony Rizzo1BCHC$35.50$39$32$37
Jose Altuve2BHOU$35.40$38$33$36
Kris Bryant3BCHC$33.50$36$31$31
Mookie BettsOFBOS$33.00$36$29$36
Jose Abreu1BCHW$32.80$35$29$33
A.J. PollockOFARI$32.50$35$30$35
Dee Gordon2BMIA$32.30$36$30$32

Data Courtesy of Todd Zola

The five position players who just missed the cut are Starling Marte, Andrew McCutchen, George Springer, Miguel Cabrera and Chris Davis, all own an AAV above $30. Side note: Paul Goldschmidt has recently dethroned Clayton Kershaw from the top spot in terms of AAV, but ever so slightly.


Notable Mentions

Let’s take a look at what other notable players ponied up for at their positions and prices

  • Catcher – Buster Posey, $28 vs. $28.10 (AAV)
  • First Base – Miguel Cabrera, $33 vs. $30.90 (AAV)
  • Second Base – Robinson Cano, $24 vs. $21.80 (AAV)
  • Shortstop – Corey Seager, $21 vs. $21.30 (AAV)
  • Third Base – Todd Frazier, $26 vs. $25.60 (AAV)
  • Outfield – Starling Marte, $34 vs. $32.00 (AAV)
  • Outfield – Andrew McCutchen, $33 vs. $31.10 (AAV)
  • Outfield – George Springer, $32 vs. $31.00 (AAV)

This stacked group of competitors didn’t allow for any high-end discounts among the top tier players as prices mirrored their AAV for the most part. Whatever your strategy is, when entering the high stakes auction arena be ready to spend if you want one or more of these stud offensive players.


Next up will be Starting Pitchers and while Kershaw remains the gold standard, it’s a bull market where aces are in high demand.



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