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NFBC FAAB: Addison Russell, Look What The Wind Blew In

The following players were popular pickups this week in Fantasy Baseball.

Each week, Matthew Modica looks through the FAAB results to share with you some interesting tidbits on the players picked up.

The third week of Sunday night FAAB has come and gone. I originally had this writeup centered on the Phillies rule 5 pick Odubel Herrera

It was to be titled “My Eyes Adored You.”

And then news came out that the Cubs were going to call up Addison Russell to play second base in Wrigley Field.

NFBC FAAB Pickups for April 19

Odubel Herrera, 2B/OF, Philadelphia

This was a dual category target because as the new leadoff hitter in Philadelphia, he would prove an asset in both runs and stolen bases.

The previous week I scoured the free agent market and paid up for any shares in leagues where he was available. When I noticed Herrera had become available in my NFBC Super league I became anxious and excited by the possibility of rostering him.

The next step was going through a thought process to register a solid bid for his service, I even raised my bid over $200 threshold, finally settling on $223, but unfortunately, I still fell short of acquiring him.

As it turns out I was the runner-up, but well below the winning bid of $345.

Addison Russell, SS, Chicago Cubs

The city of Chicago seems to have a monopoly on young talent. Last Friday was Kris Bryant Day, which I attended and witnessed first hand the excitement surrounding Wrigley Field.

Then came the news from the South Side of Chicago that last season’s third overall pick from the Major League Baseball 2104 Amateur Draft, Carlos Rodon of the Chicago White Sox, was being called-up to The Show.

The Cubs made another splash last night announcing they were promoting Addison Russell, the latest ballyhooed prospect and the prize of last summer’s blockbuster Jeff Samardzija trade with the Oakland Athletics.

I did expect Addison to join the Cubs during the 2015 season, but figured the club would hold off until late May or June at the earliest. This thinking proved false and left me in an undesirable position.

See, I had drafted Addison Russell in my Las Vegas and New York Main Event leagues, but cut him in both due to roster circumstances.

As Sunday night approached, I was aware of the error of my ways and placed bids on him in both leagues with the aspiration of reacquiring this future asset.

I proved successful in my New York league where my $56 bid was far superior to the runner-up of $17 but regrettably my $62 bid in the Las Vegas league fell short (runner-up) as the winning bid was valued at $107.

Life in the high stakes is never easy and Sunday night FAAB constantly demonstrates to be an onerous task, especially when your bench includes only seven roster spots, with no DL spots, then holding on to prospects becomes a luxury that most teams can not afford.

Danny Salazar, SP, Cleveland Indians

This Week in Fantasy Baseball
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The lure of Danny Salazar’s upside will always be tantalizing and outweigh the risk when investing in this type of pitcher.

In my opinion, Salazar is worth the sizable investment needed to obtain him in the free-agent market. The Tribe’s uber-talented pitcher had limited availability, but did go above the $400 price tag in both. The 15-team league (private) procured a winning bid of $402 versus $467 in my Rotowire Online Championship league.

Who will be the next high ticket item to surface in the frenzy that is Sunday Night NFBC FAAB? 

Odubel Herrera Photo Credit: Tom Hagerty

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