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The following players were popular pickups this week in Fantasy Baseball.

Each week, Matthew Modica looks through the FAAB results to share with you some interesting tidbits on the players picked up.

The successful prospector in free-agent acquisition bidding is the one who can anticipate the future correctly.

And the one that can manage their bank roll accordingly.

Before we dive in and dissect week 8 of Sunday night FAAB in the National Fantasy Baseball Championship, let me say I’d like to buy the world a Coke …

NFBC FAAB Pickups for May 17

This week’s big ticket item was Maikel Franco and the Phillies prized prospect highlights the above strategy. The importance of foreseeing the future and the difference in price points when paying for that said player.

Franco, Maikel, 3B, Philadelphia

In my weekly exercise of scouring the free agent landscape I actively sought out Maikel Franco two weeks ago. I found Franco was freely obtainable in my New York Main Event league and I procured the prospect on May 3rd with a winning bid of $34.

On the flip side this commodity became acquirable upon his call-up in most leagues.

In my MTM Super league, Maikel Franco went for the high-end price of $453 with the runner-up bid coming in at $359 .

As per NFBC founder and high stakes gaming Czar Greg Ambrosius “Maikel Franco was available in 27 of 30 @thenfbc Main Event leagues and he went for $6 to $425. Nine bids were over $200. Wild range.”

I found myself caught up in the competition or more apt the frenzy for Franco’s services. Why did I pay up for an unproven prospect? Each league is its own entity and roster construction combined with team deprivation becomes the necessity. In this particular case study an offensively challenged team in search of consistent at bats, counting stats and the persuasion of power sealed the seduction.

In the angst leading up to the Sunday night deadline my initial bid price of $235 would have secured him but as the witching hour approached I became more eager to bid up the player which created a bidding war with myself and a final price tag of $335 versus the runner-up bid of $176.

A.J. Ramos, RP, Miami Marlins

The newly minted Marlins closer was only available in two Main Even leagues and went for premium prices of $311 and $413 respectively.

The majority of fantasy owners secured his service and at a discounted price prior to Steve Chisek’s official removal.

A tip of the cap to Fantasy Black Book author and RPV creator Joe Pisapia who  predicted Chisek’s downfall early on in the preseason when most of the industry was touting him.

Brad Ziegler, RP, Arizona Diamondbacks

The veteran relief pitcher became relevant again with Addison Reed’s upheaval in Arizona but high risk low reward investment in my opinion. There were 19 Main Event owners who thought differently and paid anywhere from $108 to $334 for the sidewinder.

Keone Kela, RP, Texas Rangers & Shawn Tolleson

Both Texas relief pitchers were sought after but Tolleson attracted more bids and higher prices in these speculative adds. The Rangers closer situation should be monitored closely and provide for an interesting week. If an official change occurs expect to pay a higher tax next week in FAAB.

Life in the high stakes arena is never easy and Sunday night FAAB constantly demonstrates to be an onerous task, especially when your bench includes only seven roster spots and no DL spots.

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