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This week in the National Fantasy Championship Baseball Free Agent Acquisition Budget (NFBC FAAB), the bids were concentrated on one player in particular.

Texas Rangers rookie Nomar Mazara was the high-ticket item this week and widely available in Main event leagues where he wasn’t drafted due to NFBC rules.

Other highly sought after players were Minnesota Twins reliever Kevin Jepsen and Atlanta Braves rookie outfielder Mallex Smith.

In the one remaining Main Event league that Cardinals Outfielder Jeremy Hazelbaker was available, he went for the premium price of $389.

It’s time to survey the high stakes landscape and examine three intriguing players cost in FAAB from Sunday night.

For this weekly exercise we focus on the National Fantasy Baseball Championship prestigious Main Event leagues for Free Agent Acquisition Budget winning bids.


Nomar Mazara, OF, Texas Rangers

It is safe to say that I’m a devout believer in Mazara’s skill set and drinking the kool-aid. My confidence is resolute in this player and think the best is yet to come from this rookie phenom. Why, his approach at the plate, spot in the Rangers lineup and the fact the front office loves this kid are all reason I and others invested heavily in this talent.

Nomar was available in 14 Main Event leagues and his average winning bid was $607.14, a substantial commit to one player.

• Minimum Winning Bid $517
• Maximum Winning Bid $755

I use an aggressive approach when attacking FAAB and it has been a double-edged sword in the past. When you hit on the right player especially, early in the season it can afford an immense advantage to your roster over the marathon season. But when you whiff on said player that causes a detrimental consequence and sometimes crippling effect.

Mallex Smith, OF, Atlanta Braves

The Braves called up this speedster earlier then expected due to Ender Inciarte suffering a strained left hamstring. Mister Mallex offers elite speed but his current timetable with the big league club is somewhat unkown.

Smith was scooped up in 22 Main Event leagues but owners showed some restraint when ponying up for this rookie.

• Minimum Winning Bid $21
• Maximum Winning Bid $176

His average winning bid was $91.86, which could result in a bargain if Mallex lives up to his potential and dominates the stolen base category.

Kevin Jepsen, RP, Minnesota Twins

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Twins closer Glen Perkins landed on the disabled list, he has dealt with a myriad of injuries over the past couple of season. The question was who would get the closing gig in his absence? I honestly prefer Trevor May but was not going to fight the system after Kevin Jepsen received the first opportunity and recorded two saves this weekend.

Jepsen was only available for bidding in 10 Main Event leagues and he wasn’t cheap.

• Minimum Winning Bid $178
• Maximum Winning Bid $428

Kevin’s average cost was $258.20 as closers never come cheap, unless speculated on in advance. Another question is how long will Perkins be out for and what will be he the hierarchy once he returns.

Check back next week to see what players are being purchased in the high stakes arena that is the NFBC FAAB.

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