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Preseason Weekly Analysis: Week 2 Recap/Week 3 Preview

Preseason Weekly Analysis
Photo Credit: Keith Allison

Welcome to this week’s Preseason Weekly Analysis.

In today’s article, we have the Week 2 games to recap, and then we will move on to previewing Week 3.

That is a lot to cover, so we let’s not waste any time and get right into it.

Preseason Weekly Analysis

Preseason Weekly Recap

Here, we will have two categories: For Real, and Not For Real. The three “For Real” players are ones whose preseason performances (good or bad) actually may, at least to some extent, be indicative of what is to come for them. The three “Not For Real” players are then obviously ones whose performances (good or bad) aren’t indicative of much at all. With the explanation out of the way, let’s start with the “For Real” section.

For Real

Jared Goff, QB, Los Angeles Rams

vs. Raiders: 16-20 for 160 yards and 1 touchdown

I love Jared Goff. I have ever since he was drafted and well before that. Last season didn’t scare me one bit. I mean, if you would have switched him with Dak Prescott… you get what I am saying. The Rams were in an awful position for Goff last year, but they did all they could to help him out, and this will be the year that determines his future. I don’t think he carries much Fantasy value yet, but Todd Gurley owners can definitely count on a bounce-back season.

Cooper Kupp, WR, Los Angeles Rams

vs. Raiders: 6 receptions on 7 targets for 70 yards and 1 touchdown

One of the players that the Rams acquired in order to help Goff was FCS record-breaking wide receiver Cooper Kupp. Every successful quarterback needs a reliable possesion receiver, and I think Kupp has the rare combo of having the potential to do that both early and long-term. Sammy Watkins is the #1 and the deep play threat, but Kupp and Goff should be able to grow together as early as this year, and Kupp could have immediate returns.

Paul Perkins, RB, New York Giants

vs. Browns: 6 carries for 10 yards

I hope you aren’t counting on Paul Perkins for a breakout season. Sure, he is the starter, and having a solid workload is always the best starting point for success. However, the Giants haven’t known how to run the football for a while, and Paul Perkins isn’t talented enough to change that. He should be owned, but not counted on.


Not For Real

Alex Collins, RB, Seattle Seahawks

vs. Vikings: 10 carries for 58 yards

I will talk about this a little bit later on in the article, but the Seahawks have three very talented running backs. No matter how well Alex Collins plays, he has virtually no chance at being Fantasy relevant for this season, even if he was given a decent workload and played well this past week.

Charcandrick West, RB, Kansas City Chiefs

vs. Bengals: 7 carries for 113 yards

Similar to Alex Collins, Charcandrick West has a tough hill to climb in order to reach Fantasy relevance. Kareem Hunt and Spencer Ware are duking it out for the starting role, and West won’t see much action unless he continues to average over 10 yards per carry, which we can assume won’t happen.

Dede Westbrook, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars

vs. Buccaneers: 6 receptions on 7 targets for 131 yards

Here is your weekly reminder to ignore most preseason wide receiver performances, especially the 100+ yard ones. Dede Westbrook is more talented than some of the Week 1 stars, but still, this performance does not mean anything in relation to his 2017 Fantasy value.

Preseason Weekly Preview

For the preview, we have several different categories, and each one is pretty self-explanatory, so let’s just jump right into it.

Matchup of the Week

Chiefs vs. Seahawks

Now, obviously preseason games don’t matter, but if you want to pick any game to watch just for the football, then it is this one. Here at SCFE, we don’t care to analyze why this is a good game, but we want to see why it can be relevant for Fantasy purposes.

This is an interesting matchup in the Fantasy world for a few reasons.

The first is the Kareem Hunt-Spencer Ware battle. That battle will have a huge effect on Fantasy this season as it is arguably the most important position battle of the preseason. I still think that either of them could win it, so this Week’s game could prove to be a very important one.

The next thing to watch in the matchup is Patrick Mahomes vs. Alex Smith. Surprisingly, Mahomes has played well out of the gate, and could maybe even win the starting job. I don’t think that would happen, and it wouldn’t have the biggest of Fantasy implications unless you are playing in a dynasty, 2-QB, or really deep league, but it is interesting nontheless.

Lastly, we have the Seahawks backfield. The Seahawks sport three very talented running backs in Eddie Lacy, CJ Prosise, and Thomas Rawls. Any of them could be studs if given the keys to the offense. However, that is unlikely to happen, as there will likely be some sort of split in order to get all three involved.

With all three backs healthy for this week’s preseason game, it will be interesting to get a possible look at how the Seahawks plan to manage their backfield.


Story To Watch For

LeGarrette Blount Actual Status With The Eagles

Ok, so what exactly is going on with Blount? On three consecutive days from August 20-August 22, there were three reports on Blount. The first was that he was on the roster bubble, the second was that he was having weight problems, and the third comes from Eagles coach Doug Pederson saying that Blount will be a “big part” of the Eagles offense this season.

Like, what? Although you should probably listen to the coach over everything, Blount has been terrible so far this preseason. However, Fantasy owners likely spent a decently high pick on him after a great season with the Patriots last year. I don’t really know what is going on, but it is important so that it why it is this week’s Story To Watch For.


Position Battles to Watch

Blake Bortles vs. Chad Henne, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars

Like most quarterback battles, the players in it are not the one’onest we care about for Fantasy purposes. It is the players around them. It is becoming an increasing possibility that Chad Henne will be named the Jaguars’ starter over Blake Bortles. Now, while I believe that this may be the right football move, I think it could go either way for Fantasy owners.

If Henne wins the job, maybe his ability to throw to ball to a player in a reasonable area for them to catch it could help Allen Robinson and Leonard Fournette. Maybe his lack of a deep ball hurts them both. Maybe he can’t possibly be worse than Bortles, but then again, maybe he can. I don’t know what to take out of this at this moment other than it is interesting, so especially if you own a Jaguars player, then you might want to pay attention.

Samaje Perine vs Rob Kelley, RB, Washington Redskins

Just as it almost seemed like Rob Kelley had secured the starting job over the sleeper-candidate Semaje Perine, the tables have flipped as Perine has played well both in recent practice and in Week 2 of the preseason (8 carries for 45 yards) as Rob Kelley has done the opposite. I hope that Perine wins the job as he has a much higher upside for Fantasy purposes, but it really is a tossup. However, tossups that involve being the starting running back for a really good offense are always worth watching.


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