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SCFE 2018 Bold Predictions For The Upcoming Fantasy Football Season

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I promised you back in June we would have our bold predictions. And with just a few moments to spare before the season kicks off, here are the SCFE 2018 Bold Predictions from various staff members.

SCFE 2018 Bold Predictions

2018 Bold Predictions: Dennis Sosic

My Bold Prediction: David Johnson will finish as the #1 player overall in 2018.

Why it’s Bold: Johnson has been routinely listed fourth behind Todd Gurley, LeVeon Bell, and Zeke Elliot in the RB rankings. I think everyone forgot how good Johnson really is.

Why it will happen: He disappointed many fantasy owners last season, when he suffered a wrist dislocation and crushed their championship hopes. The only good thing about Johnson’s injury last season was that he still has healthy legs.

Johnson has rushed for 1,843 yards and 24 touchdowns in 33 career games played. New OC Mike McCoy is implementing a more conservative style of offense, which should mean a heavy dose of running the ball. That is music to Johnson’s owner’s ears.

In 2016, David Johnson was the best running back in football, scoring 20 total touchdowns. He is a proven weapon in the rushing and passing game. He has set ambitious goals for himself this season-1,000 rushing yards and 1,000 receiving yards. With a healthy wrist and even healthier legs, I see Johnson reaching that level in 2018. He has looked like he hasn’t missed a step in the preseason. Draft David Johnson with your first pick

2018 Bold Predictions: Mike Tomlin’s

My Bold Prediction #1: Doug Baldwin leads the league in receiving touchdowns.

Why it’s Bold: Ever try and pick the league leader in touchdowns? Plus, Baldwin had only 8 TDs last year compared to the 13 league leader DeAndre Hopkins had last year.

Why it will happen: Despite his depressed ADP due to some leg issues, Baldwin is in line for the biggest targetshare of his career, especially in the Red Zone. With Jimmy Graham in Green Bay and Paul Richardson in Washington, Baldwin will vie for the league lead in targets and will convert in the Red Zone the most.

My Bold Prediction #2: Philip Rivers leads the league in Passing yards and is a Top 5 Fantasy Quarterback.

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Why it’s Bold: Rivers is being drafted as a QB2.

Why it will happen:  Annually under-rated, Rivers has at least 4,254 passing yards in eight of the last nine seasons and at least 26 touchdown passes in every one of the last ten seasons. With a fully loaded offense and arguably the deepest receiving group in the league, I think Rivers blows up for 4,800+ yards and finishes in the top five at the position.

My Bold Prediction #3: Vernon Davis scores more Fantasy Points than Jordan Reed.

Why it’s Bold: Jordan Reed is still being drafted as a top ten TE while Davis is not even cracking the top 25 TEs

Why it will happen: No one really expects Reed to stay healthy all year, right? Either way, Davis fits with Alex Smith’s strengths more than Reed. They were absolutely dynamic together in San Francisco. Give me Davis with my last pick over any tight end but the top couple of tiers.

2018 Bold Predictions: Mark Strausberg’s

My Bold Prediction #1: You mean besides predicting that this is the year Christine Michael finally breaks out? How about the Patriots will produce the least amount of fantasy value than any other team in the AFC East. Within that prediction of course are a number of sub-bold predictions.

Why it’s Bold: Because the Patriots have absolutely dominated the division for years.

Why it will happen: Lots of reasons. Number one, when it comes to the Patriots, I often think of this poster for the movie Species. Nothing lasts forever. Secondly, besides Gronk and Brady, is there any one on this team you feel confident will have a strong season? And you are going to have to take them in the second and fifth rounds respectively, meaning that the potential profit and value for those two are minimal. As I’ve also stated before, I can’t shake this feeling that the Hooded One is going to try and depend on those less this year. Third, the potential value picks are abundant at every other team in the division. 

Let’s start with Buffalo. LeSean McCoy presents a ton of risk. But he’s currently being drafted outside the top 30 players. If McCoy can avoid the injuries and the off-field challenges, he will provide far more value than someone like Brady. I also love Charles Clay this year and not being selected as one of the Top 20 tight ends in fantasy football? People will greatly regret that this year. Also, Nathan Peterman is going undrafted, even in two-quarterback leagues. The industry is allowing one horrendous game by Peterman change his entire narrative. Mistake.

Moving to Miami, don’t ask me what is going to shake out. But people have forgotten what Ryan Tannehill can do. He will be an asset for Miami and make all those players around him who are currently being under-drafted better. Those low costs alone will enable them to create far better value than any of the New England players.

And finally, we have the New York Jets, who are going to be far better than people realize. Sam Darnold is the real deal and will spark Joe Namath comparisons. Robby Anderson and Quincy Enunwa will be some of the first wide receivers grabbed off the waiver wire if they were not drafted. Crowell and Bilal Powell will together form a strong running.

The Patriots have dominated the division. But nothing lasts forever.

2018 Bold Predictions: Levi Serfoss’s

My Bold Prediction: My bold prediction? Easy! The Giants are the offense to own this year.

Why it’s Bold: The Giants scored the second least amount of points last year. Only the winless Browns scored less.

Why it Will Happen: Saquon Barkley and OBJ are being drafted as studs and they will meet those expectations. The Giants offense will have to overcome their shortcomings on defense. Which means a lot of shoots outs. And Eli? With a running game to now lean on and the ultimate weapon that Barkley will be, Eli will be a top five quarterback this year.

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2018 Bold Predictions: Conlin Postma’s

My Bold Prediction: Patrick Mahomes finishes ahead of Brady, Brees, Newton, and Wentz to be QB 3.

Why It’s Bold: Two of the four are future first ballot Hall of Famers. The other two are two of the best young up and coming QB’s we have in the NFL. All we have about Mahomes is his Week 17 game from last season and a few preseason games from 2018.

Why it Will Happen: I think Mahomes can finish as one of the best fantasy QB’s in 2018 because of his weapons, arm strength, and lack of defense. Compared to the previous four QB’s I listed above, I think Mahomes has the best weapons out of all of them. Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, Travis Kelce, and Kareem Hunt. I mean come on, how much better can his weapons get?

In the preseason, he threw a picture perfect 69-yard touchdown to Tyreek Hill over three Atlanta defenders. This was just a prequel to what he is actually capable of. Don’t forget that Sammy Watkins can also stretch the field and defenses will have to some how contain 70 yards. If the opposing defenses can’t contain those two receivers then Mahomes will have a field day throwing bombs over the heads of the secondary.

With one of the least favored defenses in the NFL it wouldn’t shock me to see the Chiefs have to rely on the pass. Marcus Peters was sent to the L.A. Rams and Tamba Hali is no longer there, too. All that remains from that once great defense is pass rusher, Justin Houston. They could be playing from behind in most games and that sets up Mahomes to just throw 30+ times a game. At the end of the year he could lead the NFL in passing yards and have the most passing yards per game.


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