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An early mock draft is a great tool to begin your research. It can help set your baseline for each player’s value as you move forward.

Some people (and I used to be one) like to avoid all drafts/rankings before formulating an opinion. This is an effort to avoid “group thought” and going with the majority.

While there is something to that in regards to rankings, I think an early mock draft gives a different set of data. Since it is 12 different individuals drafting, you get 12 different opinions. This is as opposed to the rankings of one single person in which, yes your opinion could get skewed.

Average Draft Position is one of the most vital pieces of data to use. An early mock draft like this helps set information. You can really see the different ranges in which a player could be taken. As you will see with this early mock draft, there is a certain player that will undoubtedly have a much lower ADP. However the owner who wanted to draft him knew he would not be there with his next pick so he had to pull the trigger.

We will have many mock drafts before the real drafts begin in mid-to-late August. This early mock draft is just the start of the fun!

SCFE Early Mock Draft

For this early mock draft we did a 0.5 PPR set-up

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Round 2

Christian McCaffrey highlights a surprising second round

1 13 Levi Serfoss Christian McCaffrey RB Panthers
2 14 Michael Tomlin Melvin Gordon RB Chargers
3 15 Joshua Morgan LeSean McCoy RB Bills
4 16 Zach Rohde Amari Cooper WR Raiders
5 17 Jack Delaney T.Y. Hilton WR Colts
6 18 Mark Strausberg Jay Ajayi WR Dolphins
7 19 Dennis Sosic DeAndre Hopkins WR Texans
8 20 John LaPresto Dez Bryant WR Cowboys
9 21 Scott Guthrie Leonard Fournette RB Jaguars
10 22 David Gonos Todd Gurley RB Rams
11 23 Joe Bond Brandin Cooks WR Patriots
12 24 Cody Kitch Lamar Miller RB Texans


  • The McCaffrey selection was easily the most talked about pick the entire mock draft. Levi had a large amount of research and logic behind it, but it basically boils down to he wants McCaffrey on his team and he was not going to be there at Pick 36 in a PPR set-up. As Levi said, “If it’s a guy you really want, sometimes you have to throw ADP out the window.”
  • I was ecstatic about Gordon being there at Pick 14. Honestly, I should have switched my order of Nelson/Gordon. I am still uncertain of the value difference between Nelson to Thomas and Gordon to McCoy. Luckily, we have about three months to figure out this information!
  • Ajayi will be an ADP conundrum this season. I could see him going at the 8th pick, but I could also see him slipping to Round 3. Mark sees him in the former area of value: “Ajayi is one of maybe nine RBs total I’m comfortable having as my RB1 this year.”
  • Hopkins and Dez both under-performed their ADP last year because of mitigating circumstances. I think at least one will provide phenomenal value in the back half of Round 2.
  • Scott Guthrie pulled the trigger on the other big-name rookie running back, Leonard Fournette. I was very surprised he went before Gurley.
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Round 2

Christian McCaffrey highlights a surprising second round

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