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On this week’s edition of the “So-Called Fantasy Experts” Fantasy Baseball Podcast, I was joined by fellow SCFE writer Stefan Zonia and Joe Bond, our first repeat guest, to discuss team building strategy for the Shandler Park league we all play in together.

Here’s a quick update — after three days of baseball I am losing to both of them. Thanks a lot Mat Latos.

Our league is a four-week salary cap league, where you draft a 23-man roster, but you can not add or drop players, so making sure you maximize value from the draft is key.

New leagues are starting every week, and you can buy in at $10. These are a lot of fun, and they really put a new spin on Fantasy Baseball leagues.

Shandler Park League Strategies

We each went about drafting our lineups in varying ways. Do you do lots of research or draft for the best value? Do you try and play park factors — and if so, are you taking the weather into account? Or just draft great players?

When it came to pitching we all went SP heavy. You can set the lineup twice a week, so this gives all of us a chance to maximize opportunities to get wins and quality starts.

The one category that did give us trouble was Saves  + Holds. Do you draft closers or setup guys? Do you go high-priced or cheap? Do you punt the whole thing altogether because we can’t wrap our heads around it?

Stefan and I went for saves while Joe went for holds. Hopefully, after this month, we’ll have more insight into which strategy of ours was “right.”

I’m just happy Joe had a conflicting view point for once honestly.

We went into depth on how we spent our salary on hitters and how we attacked the OBP stat category.

We tackled how we filled our bench, our favorite picks and some of the best value guys on the board (Matt Harvey).

We also hand out some tips for all of you drafting a Shandler Park team in the coming weeks. Stefan and Joe were even nice enough to try and help me out with my early season panic trades.

All that and more on this edition of the “So-Called Fantasy Experts” Podcast!

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