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Welcome to the Week 5 Injury Report. It is starting to make me sad doing this report each week. The same players keep popping up. And the bigger, and sadder, injuries are starting to mount. This week, big news regarding Noah Syndergaard and Adam Eaton has dropped.

These injuries are not good for anyone involved. Syndergaard is one of the 10 most exciting players to watch in baseball. Adam Eaton is one of the most underrated players in all of baseball. The Mets and the Nationals have playoff aspirations. We, as Fantasy owners and fans, are disappointed to see these guys in the Week 5 Injury Report. The Mets and the Nationals are too.

Let’s first give a brief follow-up to last week’s SCFE Injury Report. (I’ll try to do this every week.) Ian Desmond is back. Get him in. Didi Gregorious is back and Gary Sanchez is getting closer. And Sonny Gray is debuting tomorrow. I’ll cover Sanchez in this Week 5 Injury Report as well.

Once again, the disclaimer. I know everyone does injury reports a little differently, but my version will be my honest thoughts on the 10 biggest injury situations at the time of publication. I will also attempt to give you a forward-thinking thought on how you should react to the news if you own him or are interested in owning him in your league. Buckle up.

The below players are broken into two sections, hitters and pitchers. Hopefully your team is healthy, and you won’t see any of your guys here. If not, stick with it, as Fantasy Baseball is a marathon. If a player you own is listed here, check out the Top 200 Rankings provided by Josh Morgan to help you out.


Look for your players, or potential trade targets in the Week 5 Injury Report.


Adam Eaton, OF, WSH

Latest News: Terrible news out of Washington on Eaton. The speedy, underrated outfielder tore his ACL on April 28, effectively ending his season. Eaton suffered the injury twisting his knee on the bag while beating out an infield single. The diagnosis is awful for both Eaton and the Nats.

Fantasy Analysis: Nothing can be done with your Adam Eaton shares besides dropping him. I will say I like Michael Taylor a lot and he figures to be a full-time player now. Taylor possesses a rare combination of power and speed while leaving some to be desired in the batting average category. You will not find more upside on the wire. Make the move whether you owned Eaton or not.

Gary Sanchez, C, NYY

Latest News: When asked about Sanchez’s status on April 30, Joe Girardi hinted that his return was close. The New York papers speculated that he will rejoin the Yankees in Chicago on May 5. He begins a Triple-A rehab assignment on May 2.

Fantasy Analysis: The buy-low period is gone. The Sanchez owner can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep an eye on the Yankee lineup card later this week and pop Sanchez back in when he is active. Sanchez carries Top 3 catcher upside when healthy. Hopefully the Week 5 Injury Report is the last time we see Sanchez here.

Ryan Braun, OF, MIL

Latest News: Braun was out of the lineup May 1 with trapezius soreness. Per Todd Rosiak on Twitter, Braun stated: “It’s a couple things in my arm. In all likelihood, it’ll be more than a day but hopefully not too long.”

Fantasy Analysis: Let me serve as your own version of Google Translate here. Braun will be going on the disabled list May 2 or 3 most likely. Braun’s history suggests injuries tend to linger with him, and he won’t play until he’s at full strength. Once this gets to three or four days off, the 10-day DL stint will be a no-brainer move for the Brew Crew. I wouldn’t risk it with Braun – I’d find an alternative for this week.

Lucas Duda, 1B, NYM

Latest News: Duda felt a “twinge” in his elbow while out on a rehab assignment. He sat out the weekend and is currently shut down until May 2. The Mets will most likely give an update on his injury in a few days. I feel like there is a joke to be made there but I am not going to.

Fantasy Analysis: I don’t want to waste all my good Met thoughts on Duda when I know Syndergaard is lurking below in the pitchers’ section. I will say this – when healthy, Duda is a good source of power at times. I would have no problem if you dropped him or held onto him. In other words, Duda doesn’t matter all that much in Fantasy. Dropping him or holding him won’t make or break, or even affect your season all that much. If you want to rid your clubhouse of anything Mets-related, feel free to drop Duda.

Joc Pederson, OF, LAD

Latest News: Pederson remains on track to being activated on May 5. He ran the bases on April 30 and will go on a rehab assignment this week. A strained groin has kept Pederson sidelined since April 23.

Fantasy Analysis: The Pederson news is two-fold. First, Pederson’s streaky power will be back and available again to Fantasy owners. Second, his activation will send hot prospect Cody Bellinger back to the minor leagues. Bellinger had a two-homer game over the weekend and will make more noise before this season is out. If you have a deep bench, I’d hold onto Bellinger. One injury could mean major playing time for Bellinger.



Noah Syndergaard, SP, NYM

Latest News: Following the ever-elusive Syndergaard MRI, the Mets got bad news regarding their ace. Syndergaard’s lat muscle is partially torn and there is no timetable for his return. On the surface, this is awful for Syndergaard, the Mets, and baseball. Beneath the surface, there is more here than meets the eye.

Fantasy Analysis: Syndergaard was scratched from his start late last week with arm trouble. The Mets requested he get an MRI and “Thor” refused. His quote was, “I know my body.” The reports in the New York Post and New York Daily News stated that Syndergaard couldn’t lift his right arm  (he is a righty) above his shoulder on April 27. Naturally being the Mets and all, they scheduled Syndergaard, he of the great health and all, to pitch the finale against Washington on April 30.

Anyone want to guess how this one ended? Syndergaard came out throwing 100 miles per hour in the first inning, and appeared to be trying to both prove his pristine health and knock catcher Rene Rivera over with every pitch. The Nationals tagged the normally unhittable ace for five first-inning runs. Don’t worry, things got worse. Syndergaard grabbed at his arm during the second inning and was removed after grabbing at his lat too.

The morning-after MRI revealed the bad news. It is unknown if the Mets told Syndergaard he was going elsewhere and went to the hospital instead, but somehow the MRI and Syndergaard finally met. Syndergaard is a forced hold, but don’t expect him to be back anytime soon. I expect this to be a month-plus, and not a week-plus thing.

Sean Manaea, SP, OAK

Latest News: The Oakland left-hander landed on the DL with a shoulder strain. The A’s expect him to miss one start and be ready for activation on May 7.

Fantasy Analysis: Manaea is underrated in Fantasy circles and got off to a slow start. He could have been dropped in your league. If you are looking for pitching help or some upside, I would advise taking a flier on Manaea.

Aaron Nola, SP, PHI

Latest News: The young right-hander felt soreness in his back after throwing a bullpen session on April 28. The Phillies are going to back off Nola for now, and give him as much time as he needs to rest and regain full strength.

Fantasy Analysis: The Phillies are a bad team. Nola is a promising young pitcher. Those two things spell out a much longer absence as there will be no rush to bring Nola back until he is at 100 percent. Nola is still a hold, but you may be waiting a while.



Aaron Sanchez, SP, TOR

Latest News: Aaron Sanchez returned on April 30 Jays, and left the game with a split finger nail. Sanchez landed on the DL on May 1 and will be out another 10 days at least. He could conceivably return after 10 days, but this season has not gotten off to an ideal start for Sanchez.

Fantasy Analysis: We interrupt your regular scheduled programming to revisit the “blister bros,” Sanchez and Rich Hill. Sanchez has suffered back-to-back hand injuries. A blister first, then a split fingernail second. Stay tuned for his third act, I heard he may try to lose a finger completely. In all seriousness, hold Sanchez and hope the Week 5 Injury Report is Sanchez’s last of the season.

Rich Hill, SP, LAD

Latest News: An old friend of the Week 5 Injury Report is Rich Hill, who is beginning a rehab assignment as he comes back from blister issues.

Fantasy Analysis:  The important news here is that he is aiming to return as a starter. Hill appeared headed for middle relief duties. Hill seems to have avoided that for now. Follow his rehab closely and hopefully he can give the Dodgers some length and healthy starts upon his return.


Thanks for reading the SCFE Week 5 Injury Report. Check back next week.

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